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Abortion Research Paper Child or Choice

The Abortion Research Paper

Sometimes writing an essay on a certain topic means dealing with an ethical question. It refers to the essays on such themes as euthanasia, capital punishment, as well as abortion. All these topics have been debated for years, and they still don’t seem to have a single answer. All of them deal with deciding a person’s basic right to life. As a rule, killing a living being is considered to be a horrible thing to do. However, are there situations when ending someone’s life may lead to the greater good?

Those are the questions you have to consider, first of all, if you have to write a research paper on abortion. Reflect on this topic and determine your personal attitude to it. Do you think that abortion is good or bad? How does it depend on the situation? Afterwards, make the following steps:

  1. Choose a topic. When deciding on your position, create a title for your paper. It can be something like Abortion vs. Pregnancy for a Teenage Girl. Other topics that you may discuss include the following:
  2. Merits and demerits. There are certain points you have to highlight in your paper. The points in favor of abortion may include:
  • The Views on Abortion in Certain Societies
  • Laws Related to Abortion
  • Abortion Methods Used Today
  • Elective Abortions
  • Abortion is the girl’s right
  • She needs to have the choice of this option
  • The teenage girl isn’t physically or mentally ready to have a child
  • She has to sacrifice many things if she keeps the child
  • In certain countries, this girl will face social rejection,

Your points against the abortion might include:

  • Pregnancy is the girl’s right, as well
  • She doesn’t need to know about the choice of this option
  • The girl might feel bad about abortion in future and experience remorse
  • Abortion might affect the girl’s health

       3. Do research. See what other people think about abortion and read the results of recent researches related to your topic. The researches that might be of use for you can cover such topics as:

  • Pregnancy vs. abortion for a teenage girl
  • Attitude of Christianity and other religions to abortion
  • Whether a woman should be given the choice of abortion
  • Whether abortion should be prohibited or legalized
  • Whether abortion is a murder
  • Negative effects of abortion on the woman’s psyche
  • Negative influence of abortion on the woman’s physical health

       4. Create an outline. Your outline should have the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The introduction needs to have a thesis statement. The main body should contain all necessary facts concerning the chosen topic, using the chosen research studies and providing arguments for and/or against abortion. The conclusion should weigh all the arguments and restate the thesis statement.

The topic of abortion isn’t an easy one, but you can definitely handle it.


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