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Books That Significantly Change Perspectives

Books That Significantly Change Perspectives

Zen and the Art of Happiness, by Chris Prentiss

This amazing book is definitely one of the best works written about happiness. An author uses the practical approach to creating and supporting a mindset of happiness so that practically nothing can upset you. This book is nothing like “The Secret” with “scientific” approach to materialization. Prentiss uses his great experience of work at an addiction cure center to describe the steps needed to get happiness. If the author uses such methods effectively to cure a heroin addiction, just imagine how he can help you.

Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl

The author of this book experienced the limits of suffering during the terrible time he spent in Auschwitz. While summing up his story, the writer explores its effects on his worldview. Frankl gets an original and very interesting perspective while observing people around him breaking down.

Yoga of Eating, by Charles Eisenstein

Eating is not just food. It is more than most people think. In this awesome book, the author explains the imperfections of many people’s views on food and describes ways of transforming eating habits to enjoy the food much better. He also explains how being present during meals and actually tasting the food impacts the body’s absorption of nutrients. Besides, he tells how certain monks can consume only the Sun energy and water for several years.

Sacred Economics, by Charles Eisenstein

The writer expands on what you have probably known about the flaws of the current economic system and describes every little detail the start of currency. He explains very accessibly how numerous societal ills, such as overconsumption or poverty stem the unsustainable economic system. Besides, he lays out feasible ways to start creating a new economy that will lead to a new world.

Sex at Dawn, by Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha

In this book, authors explore the history of human sexuality with the help of surprising facts about the anatomy of human and people’s closest primate relatives. The writers incessantly present scientific evidence sthat support what many of us might have guessed from our high divorce rate: monogamy is not natural. However, you should not read this one if you are not ready to rebuild your opinion about human nature and relationships. This is actually that crazy.

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