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How to Schedule Your Week and Strike a Balance

How to Schedule Your Week and Strike a Balance

The first thing I used to do waking up in the morning was recalling in a panic all the things I had to do on that very day. Not the most cheerful way of starting your day for sure. This habit was wearing me out until I decided to quit torturing myself with such a stressful routine and started to make a schedule for the whole week. Frankly speaking, I had doubts that it might be helpful, but it turned out that having everything preplanned could significantly ease your life and help you to live through even the most hectic week. However, I have to warn you, it is not a universal remedy for your busy life. Some unexpected things could happen and make you rush panicky in order to get around a place you hoped to be an hour ago, but with the help of a smart planner, you can considerably decrease the number of such occurrences.

Split Your Life into Categories

Primarily, think carefully about the most crucial sides of your life and try to put them into different categories so that you could understand which ones are inescapable and have to be on your top list. The most common scenario looks like this: university, work, and hobbies. That is what my weekly plan has to incorporate as well.

Implement Your Categories into Your Schedule

Here comes a complicated part – organizing your schedule in a proper way. On this stage, decide which category is the hardest to change. For example, for me, it is attending university. So, working on my plan, I need to put my college sessions and tutorials first and then play around them.

As my freelance work is in the second place, I always try to do it after school is done, which is usually in the afternoon – the most productive time for me.

Keep in mind that studying and working are the most demanding tasks. So, try to schedule these activities for the time of the day when you feel the most energetic.

Hobbies are vital for individual development and obtaining satisfaction from life, but usually, they are planned when you are free from your primary activities (those which bring you money or career perspectives). I consider that doing sports and improving my photography skills are vital for my mood and keeping my mind and body in shape. Usually, my hobbies are scheduled for the evening, allowing me to relax and enjoy the feeling of the fulfilled tasks.

Never Panic if Something Goes Sideways

Sometimes different circumstances, such as a traffic jam, a hurricane, or an unexpected meeting can happen, but it is absolutely normal. Take a deep breath, calm down and look at your schedule, trying to figure out what adjustments or cancellations can be made.

Life is about challenging us, but with the right approach, you can handle even the most stressful week or month. All you need to do is to plan your time. If you manage to do this, you will feel how slowly but steadily you are getting back your balance and harmony.

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