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How to Spend a Weekend with No Money?

Spend a Weekend with No Money

We all wait for Friday hoping to have some rest from work or studying. We also want to do our favorite activities that may refresh the mind and provide our bodies with energy for the upcoming week. The only thing that may spoil our Friday mood is the lack of money. We all realize that most of fun activities aren’t cheap. But what to do if you are on a limited budget? Spend the whole weekend watching TV? No way!

Why Spend a Weekend on a Budget?

Having no money to spend on the weekend activities may be a quite disappointing fact. First of all, explain yourself the reason why you cannot allow expensive entertainment this time. Actually, there are multiple arguments in favor of free activities on weekends:

  1. You save money on an expensive purchase;
  2. You are on a limited budget because you have to pay for college;
  3. You went on spending spree last time and have not much money left.

Whatever your reasons are, you should not be disappointed by the lack of money in your pockets. Actually, many free activities may make your weekend wonderful.

Cost-Effective Ways to Spend Your Weekend

Arrange a Potluck Dinner

It is a good idea to meet your friends and spend no money on food because you may take food that was already in your fridge with you. Ask your friends to contribute to your potluck dinner the same way.

Play Board Games

Instead of watching everyone playing games using their gadgets, bring some interaction into your life by offering your friends to play board games, such as scrabble or monopoly.

Visit a Local Community Event

Look at the local community calendar and find some events that may be interesting for you. For instance, local communities often organize cook-offs, concerts, fairs and other outdoor events when the weather is good. 

Do something Sporty

If you have spent the whole weekend in your office or classroom, this type of activities will refill your body with energy. Rent a bicycle and have a hiking session, play football or baseball with your friends, or just do yoga at your backyard.

Try out New Recipes

It will be a good option for those who have some food stored in a fridge. Make an experiment, find unusual combinations of ordinary products or cook a new meal from the well-familiar ingredients.


Use this weekend to pay back to your community and offer your help to the needy or less fortunate people. Contact volunteer groups in your area and ask how you may contribute.

Visit a Library

Borrow an interesting book in a local library and spend a day laying in your bed and enjoying your favorite literary piece.

Your day will never be boring if you use these tips to organize your time. Have fun!

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