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Tips on Writing an Application Essay

Writing an Application Essay

Each year, thousands of students-to-be face the challenge of writing a college application essay. Some of them prefer writing it in informal way, making inappropriate jokes, while the others, on the contrary, tend to write in formal style, which looks like a ready-made template that misses personal touch. In both cases, these applicants are bound to fail. If you don’t want to be one of them and strive to make a great first impression, consider the following prompts.

Topics for Writing a College Application Essay

Other than simply writing about yourself and listing your achievements, you should present yourself as a perfect candidate who can contribute his/her knowledge and skills to the college environment. To do this, it is advisable that you write about yourself in terms of one of the below topics:

Personal Challenge

There are chances that the admission committee is going to ask you to write about the challenge you encountered and how you managed to deal with that. If that is the case, make sure you don’t forget to answer these questions:

  • What was the situation in which the challenge occurred?
  • What were your actions?
  • How did you feel?
  • How did this challenge influence your personal growth?


Is there anything you are proud of? Anything at all? Maybe, winning the hotdog-eating contest isn’t the thing you should include in your essay (though it is quite impressive), but there must be some accomplishments worth mentioning. However, don't simply mention it. You have to think what this achievement says about you as a person.

Influential Person

Do not be misguided to write a biography of someone else. An excellent application essay ought to include a piece of information on an influential person and an explanation on what made the following person significant to the author of the essay.


It is no secret that we are who we are due to the environment we live in. Describe something special about the society you are a part of. How does it make you different from the rest of the applicants?


Don’t be afraid to contemplate on the notion of diversity in general, but also don’t forget to specify your contribution to the college diversity.

Political or Social Issue

There must be something you feel passionate about. Be it some political aspect or social problem, you have to tell your opinion of that.

Sure, writing an application essay is a long process. You can’t submit a rough draft if you want to get accepted. Take sufficient amount of time to think why you want to study in that particular college, how you can contribute and who contributed to your personal development. At the end, give your essay to someone who can proofread it and provide you with valuable advice.


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