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Top 6 Struggles of Students' Everyday Life and How to Solve Them

Top 6 Struggles of Students' Everyday Life

Students all over the world need to listen to lectures, to prepare for lessons and get ready for the exams. Student’s life is governed by the same laws everywhere. It has the same advantages and disadvantages. One of the most perplexing problems that students all over the world face, no matter the country they live in, the language they speak, or their skin color, is the lack of time. This is truly a universal problem of the student life. Time is the greatest enemy of any student, but it can also be his/her greatest friend. Let’s see what are the biggest problems related to the lack of time, which the students are face, and how to handle them:

  1. Don’t have time for everything? Learn time management. All these workshops, lessons, projects, exams and quizzes… head goes round! I understand – been there, done that. Learn time management and things will start shaping up.
  2. Don’t have time to go over your study materials? Focus on the most informative ones. Students are usually left with tons of information without any chance to learn it all. Good news is that you don’t need to learn it all – focus on the most important and informative pieces. And watch TED talks!
  3. Don’t have time to attend classes? You can’t attend them all. You have a heavy schedule, a lot of personal commitments and, in addition to that, heavy traffic on your way to the class. First of all, try to schedule your lessons the way that you don’t need to run to each subsequent class. Secondly, accept the fact that you can’t be everywhere. Some classes will be missed and it’s inescapable.
  4. Don’t have time to eat? Cook simple food in advance. Sometimes students even forget to eat. Even if they remember, they often simply don’t have time for it. The answer is to cook food in advance and stick to healthy food. Even if you don’t have time or desire to cook, it’s always better to eat a banana with yoghurt than to order pizza.
  5. Don’t have time to sleep? Have a good night’s sleep at least 3 times a week. Being a student is not only about academic life, all of us should also have personal life. Catching trains, greeting sunrises and going to dates are the things, which make student years memorable. However active your student life is, find time to get a good night’s sleep at least 3 times a week. Of course, 4-5 is better, but few students can allow this luxury!
  6. Don’t have time to clean your room? Watch less Netflix. Students often say they don’t have time for some things, but if they look closer on their schedules, they will see that there are a lot of things, which they can abstain from.

Even though time usually plays against students, some of them still manage to overcome the mess. The pieces of advice given in this article will give you some clues to overcome the chronic lack of time, but it is your own experience and successes in time management that should help you with putting your life together. 


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