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People pass through different or similar experiences. However, the ways we react to these experiences and the ways how they affect us vary from one individual to another. Hamlet, Fortinbras, and Laertes are three characters in Shakespeare play “Hamlet” who acted differently in similar circumstances. Some experiences we pass through are very traumatic. A good example in the play occurs when Hamlet loses his father and, after barely two months, her mother gets married to his uncle. Nevertheless, life must move on. We must always learn that what we take from the experiences and how we apply them in our lives is the most important thing. Instead of accepting and learning from his experiences, Hamlet allows these painful experiences to ruin his entire life.  Hamlet’s harrowing experiences monopolize his thoughts, capture his conscience and eventually take control of him.

Act I of “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare 

It is true that Hamlet has passed through very tragic experiences. One of them is when his father has died; death is a painful thing for every one of us. What is worse is that her mother has not even waited to mourn her husband for two months; she is already married to his uncle. These are very ugly events in an individual’s life within such a short span of time. However, this does not warrant Hamlet’s behavior. It is now two months since the lad’s father died. Hamlet remains the only person who is still mourning the death of his father. Two months mourning? (Shakespeare, 2008)  This is too much! No wonder Claudius asked him why clouds still hang on him. Instead of taking action, Hamlet seeks for too much evidence which is already available. He feigns madness by running all over delivering philosophical speeches. This manner of behavior showed the childishness or immaturity of Hamlet. Maturity demands that we accept death with level-headedness or self-control. It is this immaturity that made Hamlet lose at the end of the play.

The other experience that significantly affected Hamlet was the quick marriage of his mother to the uncle (Shakespeare, 2008). Hamlet goes to shamelessly scorn his mother. He says “….did coldly furnish the marriage tables.” This is a bitter joke aimed at attacking his mother. Hamlet meant that since the mother’s marriage to his uncle came so fast, she would benefit so much from the funeral’s left over refreshments. This shows how bitter Hamlet is with his mother’s remarriage. Nonetheless, he chooses to harbor the bitter feelings within him and pretends that everything is fine only to explode later.

This extreme kind of behavior affected Hamlet’s latter life since he could not sustain a relationship with a woman. For example, Hamlet had a preconceived opinion that all women are morally weak just like his mother. His opinion is that all women are generally lustful. Throughout the play, we find his actions towards women being negative based on his negative opinion about women. As a result, his relationship with his girlfriend Ophelia grows worse due to his continual burst of anger against her. Hamlet goes on to stab his father’s girlfriend in the gut and verbally abuses her. He also terrorizes his mother (Shakespeare, 2008). Hamlet’s negative reaction to his girlfriend and other women is extreme and cannot be excused.


In this paper, we have seen Hamlet’s reaction to his father’s death and his mother’s quick marriage to his uncle. We have endeavored to prove that despite the fact that people are emotionally responding to tragic events, Hamlet’s actions were extreme and childish.


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