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Alliance educator’s is a non-profit organization that is located in Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology. It is an organization that was started by engineering students in the year 2005. This organization was created with the view of motivating young students in the community surrounding the institution and educating them on HIV/AIDS. The organization has had a tremendous growth over the years since its birth. Alliance is an organization that currently comprises of about 70 students. The core goal of the organization is to ensure that it visits at least 15 schools in the community every year. Alliance has a hierarchical system of governance. The leaders of this organization in the order of their roles and power are as follows: Patron (the most senior official), the chairperson, two vice chairpersons (one female and one male for gender sensitivity), treasurer, secretary and sub-ordinate leaders within the organization. The sub-ordinate leaders are those leaders who head small divisions within the organization and they are subject to change any day depending on the group selection. The organization has its office in Mahatma Gandhi building second floor room number 15.


Over the last two months, I have interacted with this organization in many areas of its activities. I have attended their meetings as a guest and gone with them as they went out on the field to accomplish their mission within the community. From my observation, this organization employs several ideas in order to accomplish its objective within the schedule successfully. The organization has an outrageous approach and management towards task performance that enables it to accomplish its mission. First, any task that the organization carries out is divided into portions. This helps to accomplish the task within the specified time. In the event of my stay with the organization, I also observed that the organization has a constitution that safeguards the rights of the members. This plays a very vital role in human resource maintenance since each and every member feels protected.

Moreover, the management has a vital role to play in the running of the organization. It ensures that the organization gets all the support it requires from the main institution, Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology. It organizes for the places of visit and ensures that all the needs of the members are taken care of. Also, it takes the responsibility of recruiting new members each year to replace those who complete their course and leave the institution. All the officials are involved in the management of the organization, but the final decision is based on the patron’s discretion.

The organization has managed to uphold high standard values of teamwork, coordination, and  effective communication. From my own perspective, I realized that the success of this organization has been affected by the virtues that they have had in the past. Besides, they have been supported by the community due to the good work that they have been doing. Everyone in the community praises them and credits their work as excellent, thus, proving a good job performed by the organization.

Relation of the Observed Behavior in Relation to Equity and Expectancy Theories

Members of this organization have been working tirelessly due to the motivation by the management. The management tries as much as possible to apply expectancy theory where they motivate the members to do things under their own initiative, and there is a reward for the person who gets a high rating on his/her performance. Therefore, as the members educate the youth in the community, they do it diligently expecting to get reward eventually.

There is also exhibition of equity theory where the resources are distributed equally among the groups without discrimination by gender or performance. This helps to make each group feel equal to the other and try to perform to their best. In addition, the groups are reshuffled randomly from time to time to ensure that each group visits each area equal to the other. Moreover, there is also empowerment of the leaders by the institution on the basis of performance. The institution ensures that every year, the leaders have to be taken for a tour to a place of their choice within the country provided the outcome of the given year is better than that of the previous year. This has helped the organization to grow since the members have tried to generate new productive ideas every now and then.

Problems Encountered

Although the organization has been very successful, the members go through several problems in the field. As I walked with them, it came to my attention that some of the people that they were training were not cooperative. They were mocking some of the educators while others made a lot of noise. Nevertheless, the educators persevered and conducted their mission successfully. Apart from that, there were insufficient means of transport. One vehicle was used to ferry people to their different destinations, thus, making some of them arrive later than expected.


Basing on organizational theory, the performance of the organization was fairly good. The members together with their leaders worked tirelessly to ensure that they give the maximum to the youth. However, there was a slight improvement of the work done day after day. This implies that still there is a lot to be done to get a better outcome. There was quite recommendable division of labor as required by one of the theories of the organization. The members tried as much as they could to attain their goal with maximum efficiency. The performance of the organization could be made better by trying to employ a mechanism that would encourage the youth to attend the training and concentrate to the maximum. This could be by giving gifts to those who answer most questions at the end of the training.

Due to insufficient means of transport, it would be appropriate for different groups to have their training in different days. This would ensure that each group arrives on time thus be able to give their best output.

Relevance of Organizational Theory to the Behavior of the Alliance Educator’s

Organizational theory was of significance to me, and it has helped me a lot to understand the events of this organization. It helped me to understand the behavior from cultural and psychological perspective. It also gave an insight on the division of labor among the members of the organization. Moreover, the expectations of the members which are based on expectation theory sent a distinct comprehension to my mind. 


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