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Free «Analysis of Renewal Inc Organization» Essay Sample


Renewal Inc is a nonprofit organization which was set up in 1976 and specializes in the provision of alternative housing and community correction services to the individuals in the country state and federal criminal justice systems (Renewal, 2010). The organization has been a leader in developing innovative interventions that aid in the reentry of offenders into the society. Renewal Inc provides a wide range of programs which target positive integration and rebuilding of offenders. Programs offered as renewal Inc include readiness, counseling, community service, opportunity for the treatment of drugs alcohol and mental health treatment. These programs are cost effective despite the provision of excellent services (Renewal 2010). The staff at the facility is skilled and supportive. Moreover the staff is available throughout the day. There are self help programs which include meetings in the organization hence providing those incarcerated with opportunities to reenter the society.

Services provided

The most notable of the services offered at Renewal Inc is drug and alcohol treatment.  This is done through an affiliate nonprofit organization known as renewal treatment Inc. this program addresses needs of individuals in the criminal justice system with chemical dependency history (Renewal 2010). The services offered are based on the cognitive behavioral approach. Here offenders are required to identify, recognize thoughts and feelings that lead to criminal and high risk behavior.  The offenders are then taught how to restructure their thoughts into a pro-social lifestyle.

Renewal Inc has also developed a work-release program which is recognized by the federal bureau of prisons, the US probation office and the Pennsylvania department of correction. The work-release program is important because it assist the offender find a way to reenter the society. Residents live in the organization under various rules and regulations and are assisted by case managers. During his/her stay at Renewal Inc, the resident is allowed to address mental health and drug/alcohol related concerns (Renewal Inc, 2010). The resident is able to attend life skills classes and also seek assistance in finding a job. The facilities at renewal Inc Work-release programs also provide a good area for relaxation of residents.

The services offered at Renewal Inc are revolutionary. This is because they seek to address problems faced by offenders by giving the necessary support and solutions.  With the rate of incarceration increasing in the U.S. the renewal Inc provides services that help reform offenders. The drug and alcohol treatment program targets individuals who had previous experience of drug or alcohol abuse. The goal of this program is to improve the cognitive and drug related problems though cognitive behavioral therapy.  These programs generally help the society through empowering individuals to start living meaningful lives. Renewal Inc provides high quality but inexpensive methods of providing rehabilitation solutions to members of the society. This has led to the recognition and certification of programs offered by the organization by relevant government authorities.


Programs provided by the Renew Inc assist offenders reenter back the society. The cheap cost of programs has made it affordable to several ordinary people. The degree of commitment offered by staff at the center has aided in the success of the institution. Provision of innovative programs enables the provision of better services at a lesser cost. Other organizations in the society should follow suit and help improve offender rehabilitation programs.


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