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Blinds To Go (BTG) Company aims to come up with a criterion helpful in staffing its offices and, at the same time, train the staff members to meet their growth and performance objectives.

Goals of the Staffing Process Assuming the Current Business Strategy

Different business strategies of staffing will mainly rely on the various current strategies. In this case, BTG focuses on staffing for expansion purposes and development of the entire company. Training of personnel is a major cost for all employers. Considering that BTG is yet to staff some of its outlets in various locations, it means that the company will have different staffing goals compared to established companies in the Human Resource department. Defining goals of the human resource department will be BTG’s staffing goal. Thus, the company should aim at bringing new employees’ performance in line with the company’s culture, which is an urgent task of human resources managers. This will involve accurately aligning the recruited staff standards to the company’s expectations, hence increasing the aspect of productivity. Another notable staffing objective will be aggressive recruitment. Recruiting uncompromisingly is one of the most valuable ways in which companies can stand out in a flooded marketplace. The staffing process of BTG Company should include attracting topnotch talent as this will help the company to position itself in the market as an employer of choice.

Organizational Structure at the Retail Operations Level

BTG has a senior management rank at the retail operations level; this level oversees all company operations. Below this senior management, there are four other levels which help in the administration of the business. The corporation employs Sales Associates, the Selling Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, and the Store Manager. According to the organization structure, the sales associates are the most junior staff whose tasks include following set plans to help walk-in customers in buying a set of blinds. Good performance at this level will lead to promotion to the selling supervisors or assistant store managers. This level is in charge of the store when the store manager is absent. Stores manager level roles comprise general store operations like closing sales, developing and motivating staff, and sorting customer service issues.

Alignment of Current Organizational Structure with the Staffing Goals

According to the organizational structure provided by BTG Company, it is notable that they align to their staffing goals. The leading staffing goals of BTG Company include development of staff abilities to help meet the company’s objectives. The four cardinal positions in the company extensively cover the roles needed for the company to achieve its expansion and development objectives. The objectives outlined include acquisition of high-level sales from various locations; this will be possible due to the positions created. Moreover, there are several opportunities for growth, especially based on exemplary performance. Junior personnel have the hope of getting a better job positions basing on their deliveries in terms of sales. Improving the employees’ performance in a company will automatically reflect upon the development of the firm’s objectives and targets.

Are the Hiring Criteria Specific enough to Result in Accurate Hiring Decisions?

The hiring process at BTG Company starts with the persuasion of potential candidates to make applications for the various positions. Once this is done, a store visit is arranged whereby the potential employees are to acquaint themselves with the company environment. In addition, the visit ensures candidates get an overview of the sales associate’s working process. Thereafter, they undergo a telephone interview followed by two additional face-to-face interviews. The hiring criteria are as follows: outgoing personality, communication skills, energy and motivation, honesty, positivity, and interest in sales. The six outlined criteria will result to accurate hiring decisions because these qualities encompass the kind of person needed by the company. In the field of sales, any person engaged in business will have to be honest, outgoing, motivated, and have a positive attitude towards sales as a profession in particular.

What Method of Job Analysis Would be most Appropriate for Sales Associate? Why?

The first method of job analysis for sales associate is the qualification and training. This kind of job requires employees to undergo sufficient qualification and training in order to be easily able to adapt to the working environment. The most lucrative sales positions will call for previous sales experience while most companies will invest heavily in their own in-house training programs. The candidates need be proficient in written and oral communication skills as well as basic computer operating skills.

Solutions to Employee Retention Problem

There are various approaches to this issue; the most notable one is increasing the company’s pool of candidates. Aiming at increasing retention, the company must hire only candidates who are most likely to stay and be productive. For this strategy to be effective, it is essential that, during the hiring process, the company creates a larger poll from which it can choose the best employees. Investing in employee orientation will also help in staff retention. The company has the responsibility of ensuring employees have positive entry experience. The company should capitalize on the entry experience by giving people reasons why the company is pleased to hire them, hence making them feel enthusiastic about being selected. Focusing on people development will also help in staff retention. People aspire to learn as they advance professionally.


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