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Name of Bakery

Delicious Charms


200 meters from the city’s central entertainment park, on the road leading to the park’s entrance.

Blurb on Style of Bakery:

The bakery combines classical traditions and modernity. The goal of the enterprise is to meet the diverse tastes and needs of the small and grown-up consumers, who come to spend their time in the entertainment park. The combination of classical and modern styles adds to the diversity of impressions and experiences generated by the entertainment park. This is also how the interests and preferences of both the old and young generations can be easily satisfied.


“Your Day Is Perfect with Delicious Charms!”

Theme of Bakery

The combination of classical and modern styles is further linked to the theme of education and openness in customers’ relations with employees and managers. The theme of education and openness comprises two essential elements: (a) the process of creating menu items is open to the public; (b) the bakery is decorated with numerous posters showing the process and explaining the most important stages of creative cooking for various menu items. The hidden message is that all customers coming to Delicious Charms have the right to know how the things they choose to taste are being created. Another hidden message is that Delicious Charms is open to its audience. Everyone coming to Delicious Charms can ask questions and use the Book of Wishes and Complaints to leave their responses and recommendations. To support and reinforce the atmosphere of education, Delicious Charms also organizes free excursions for children, who want to learn more about bakery products.

Location, Hours, and Target Guest

The Delicious Charms bakery is located 200 meters away from the city’s most popular entertainment park, on the road leading to the park’s entrance. The choice of the location is justified by its convenience and visibility to the thousands of visitors coming to the entertainment park on a daily basis. However, given that the prevailing majority of children and adults visit the park during weekends, the Delicious Charms bakery can be considered as a weekend-style-oriented project, with special menu items offered each Saturday and Sunday.

The bakery’s working hours are from 11:00 to 19:00 on regular days, and from 10:00 to 22:00 on weekends and holidays. The target guests are families with children coming to the entertainment park in search of unique and unforgettable experiences. One of the key goals of the bakery project is to become an inseparable ingredient of everything good that happens to children and adults in the entertainment park. The strategic goal of the project is to persuade the public that their entertainment park experiences cannot be full without visiting the Delicious Charms bakery.


The basic menu for the Delicious Charms bakery includes seven groups of items: 1. Breads. 2. Breakfasts. 3. Cakes. 4. Chocolates. 5. Cookies. 6. Desserts. 7. Mousses.


Focaccia: a piece of flat bread with a crisp crust seasoned with olive oil and herbs, an essential component of the bakery’s classic style and a symbol of exquisite taste.


Croissant: a wonderful piece of breakfast pastry baked in the best traditions of French cuisine. It is a flaky and light bread roll with various fillings. Available fillings include: streusel, almond, cherry, butter, nutella, bittersweet filling, cheese, roasted apricots.


Classic chocolate cake: a classical super moist chocolate cake made on the basis of 64% imported chocolate and a homemade chocolate mousse. Chocolate shards and glaze are used to complete the product. The cake can be served as a whole product or in small pieces. Other decoration features are available upon request.


Chocolate candies: the bakery offers a wide assortment of unique handmade chocolate candies cooked with only the finest, highest-quality chocolate imported from the most famous international chocolate producers. Handmade chocolate candies are available in a variety of formats and flavors. The best available flavors currently include: chocolate, cocoa, coconut, cherry, apricots, vanilla, butter, almond, and bittersweet. Handmade candies can be served within the bakery or taken home in handmade gift boxes. For customers purchasing 10 or more handmade candies, the gift box is provided for free.

Parisian macaroons: one of the most popular items in the modern international cuisine, Parisian macaroons are an extremely tasteful kind of cookies that are available in a variety of flavors. Macaroons are flat cookies with a squared top, which are rather moist and easily melt in the mouth. Parisian macaroons come with a number of flavors and fillings, which currently include chocolate, caramel, vanilla, coconut, pistachio, almond, cocoa, raspberry, cherry, and apricots.

Donegal Oatmeal Cream: a traditional Irish dessert made of oats. It is a light and extremely smooth cream with tart fruits added to it. The cream is made of whole grain cracked oats mixed with milk the night before it is served. The key ingredients include whipped cream, orange juice, sugar and lemon rind, as well as gelatin. The dessert can become a perfect end of any, even the most exquisite, meal.


Praline Delights: a chocolate mousse made of imported 64% chocolate with praline paste and milky chocolate added to the mixture. The mousse is served with a vanilla or chocolate biscuit and can be layered with hazelnut or almond paste.

The entire menu is based on and incorporates the best achievements of international bakery and provides visitors with an opportunity to taste the most luxurious bakery tastes from around the world. 


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