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Cultural differences in work places ranks among the issues that could easily lead to poor productivity of employees within an organization. Despite increased vigor in enhancing cooperation amongst employees, the issue has remained a tough battle that managers have to deal with. For instance, Americans with Saudi Arabian origin are usually viewed as terrorists, especially after the 9/11 attacks. However, many of these employees are patriotic American citizens. Managers need to take measures that would ensure such differences do not affect the interrelationships between employees. Some of the steps would include the following.

Employers could take time off work to take the employees to activities that would bring cohesion and understanding among employees. This could include sporting activities where teams would be created randomly to ensure that people from all cultures are represented in a team

Secondly, the managers should impose heavy disciplinary measures to employees who treat others with suspicion. Leaving threatening messages of the desk of an employee should be treated with hostility to the person who did the action. If the person is not known, thorough investigations should be carried out. Further, the discriminated employee could be given special attention to ensure that they do not suffer from the shocks associated with poor treatment.

The other important issue is to empower the discriminated employee. This could be through appreciation for work well done in front of all the other employees, with heavy remarks made by experts to ensure that all employees appreciate one another. Further, it would be vital to ensure that the employee does not quit after the other team members make his life unbearable.

Employers should come up with an awareness program that would ensure that employees appreciate one another. They should be trained that their only difference is qualifications and not their pedigree. This ought to be done right from the recruitment stage, and should be continued throughout the running of the organization. It should remind people that despite coming from different backgrounds, they can come up and bridge the differences to propel their organization to greater heights.


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