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In hospitality, service failure is a common occurrence. The media has seemingly reported issues concerning illnesses caused by food contamination. This can affect the hospitality business in a negative way and at times may lead to closure. A negative publicity for any organization offering hospitality services affects its sales and image. This is characteristic of customers pulling out of the organization. Therefore, it is vital for individuals to be alert and ensure customer satisfaction. These dissatisfactions consequently lead to a cognitive evaluation, which eventually triggers the coping behavior of the customers.

Customer complaining behavior can be identified in a number of ways. This is the reaction of customers to the services being offered. In most instances, some customers may result to doing nothing in relation to the service failures. In other cases, a number turn to other individuals and raise their concerns about the same problem. In addition, a couple would air their concerns to the service providers in an attempt to improve their services. According to Kim Wang, and Mattila (2010), customers undergo a cognitive appraisal process, which enables them to identify their reaction and ability to cope with a situation (Kim, Wang & Mattila, 2010). Their reaction to a situation will help determine the course of action a hospitality organization takes.

Following the customer coping behaviors, efforts for service recovery need to be implemented. This majorly constitutes the involvement of the organization in responding to the concerns identified by the customers. It could involve the re-evaluation of strategies as well as re-adjustments of the way employees handle customers. However, in achieving this, the managerial staff is usually challenged by the risk of exuberating negative feeling from the customers and even at times the employees. Customers often look forward to being compensated for the dissatisfactions caused by the service providers. In these cases, the service providers oblige to avoid causing future complications for the organization thereby retaining customers and ensuring continuity in their business.


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