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King George 111 was the leader of Britain and the powerful empire in the world. The king had a strong belief of defeating the Americans in war. There was anticipation on the part f the king that the Americans would be submissive in the event they are defeated. There was invincible power among the British for a long period of time. There was a piece of believe that some Americans were loyal to the king thus guaranteed of their support in the war. There was a silent plan to take over American through the efforts of the king loyalties.

The British did support the kind’s decision. They saw it wise to put the country where it is rightfully supposed to be. It was right to rule over the Americans. The first incidence was the Bunker Hill battle. This was not enough to settle conflict between the British and the Americans.

There was fear on the part of the king that failure to win over the Americans would set a bad precedence. The other strong empires would also fallow suit. The British Empire was believed to be the strongest f al kingdoms in the world. There was a dominant problem facing the king in his fight. The geographical separation between the battleground and the source of machinery was the biggest headache. The desire to destroy colonists faced the challenge of distance. The distance was 3,000 miles apart. The Americans had relatively good equipment. The British had to ship all their equipment to the battleground (Ketchum 6).

The application of the guerilla tactics made the fears of the British to escalate. Some of the Englishmen were fearful to the extent they were ready to withdrawal at the first instance. There was widespread information of the impossibility of the British conquering the Americans. The Americans were invincible in their fights. There was a high standard of tactic on the part of the Americans. This is a major challenge for the king (Zinn 78).

There was poor application of tactic on the part of the king machinery. The parliamentary support in decision making was also poor. The tactic of fighting and subsequent retreats was futile. The loyalists to the king were mere men in this war. They did play a minimal role.

The entry of the France and Spain was another major blow to the king. There was strength on the part of warfare tools. They did supply American troops with navy and army. Another major drawback for the king was the opposition from parliament not to enter the war. This was a clear sign that they were a divided house in regard to the war. The execution of the war did lie in the hands of parliament. This was detrimental on the part of the king (Ketchum 6).

The declaration of independence by the Americans was the biggest blow to the empire. Slogans did condemn the empire. This is a sign of ushering in a new dawn to the world. This led to fall of the empire. As the Americans did continue to appear to win the war, there was nothing noble about the war to the British people. This was the end of everything.


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