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Free «Evaluating and Reviewing Presidential Candidates» Essay Sample

The need to evaluate and review individuals vying for any leadership position is vital. The reason is that the powers and responsibilities that come with these posts are immense. In this case, it is important to evaluate a presidential candidate before voting him or her into office. Taking into consideration the effects this position has on a nation, the focus here is one major reason of evaluating a presidential candidate. Different people have varied reasons for deciding which individual is the best fit for office; in my case I would base my choice on the level of intelligence and leadership skills exhibited by a candidate. The occupation of a president comes with many responsibilities, not just for oneself but also for a whole nation. It is thus vital to choose a candidate who can shoulder these responsibilities appropriately (Miller, Wattenberg & Malanchuk par. 3).

Choosing leaders basing on their leadership skills, is assuring in a number of ways. First, one should be able to make sound decision. The president often makes most of the nation’s decisions. Despite guidance from a group of advisers, the president should be able to analyze the most appropriate way of doing things. Second, by basing our choice on leadership skills, a nation is confident that the leader can handle international issues intelligently. Good leaders are often considerate of the effects their decisions will have on the nation. In most cases, they assess and critically analyze a decision before implementing it. In addition, a candidate with excellent leadership skills has good communication and listening skills. Ability to communicate and listen is vital for any leadership position. In the case of a president, the candidate should relate well with the people and listen to their concerns (Miller, Wattenberg & Malanchuk par. 5).


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