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Free «Evaluating Two Sources used in Research» Essay Sample

Taking example of Lori Peek who is a common author in the two articles, he is a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology from the University of Colorado. He is currently a Visiting Research Scientist for the National Center for Disaster Preparedness. The author is a specialist in sociology of disaster. All the institutions Peek works for are affiliated to the University of Colorado.  

Reliability of the Publisher

Publisher: Center for Disaster and risk Analysis (CDRA)

Reputation of the Publisher: CDRA is a respected institution located at the Colorado State University. The CDRA works to reduce harm and losses that arise from natural disasters, disasters by technology, and human disasters. Scholars doing research at CDRA engage high methodological frameworks to carry out quantitative and qualitative research that address disaster related issues.  

Source of Publication: CDRA publishes peer reviewed articles, books, book chapters, book reviewed, reports, and films among others. This journal falls under the peer reviewed articles section of 2012.  

Source availability: The article is available from the APUS Library database. The APUS Library is trusted and so is the article.


  • This is a product of CDRA and as said in statement above, the scholars at CDRA institution use professional means to conduct research in areas of interest in disaster management.
  • Scholars affiliated to CDRA do theoretically informed research work related to real-world problems. The theoretical information means that current studies are based on what other had found out in a bid to address pitfalls or limitations of previous works.   

Information: CDRA publishes information that has been peer reviewed.  

Provision of a Reference List and Verification of information: In the CDRA website, there is a list of references that the institution has published from the year 2000 to 2012.  

There are no factual errors on this study, the theoretical framework is build from previous studies and advanced to tackle the issues of new approaches in disaster management.

Current Information

Up to date: The material was published back in 2000, therefore the information could be a bit outdated in 2012. Even though this is true, this work should form part of future researches to extend on the limitations recognized by the authors themselves and other authors in the same discipline. The nature of peer reviewed articles always takes this kind of structure.

Last Update: updates of websites are always found in the copyright information. The website information given by CDRA on this article is also up to date because the information (© 2010-2012) is available from the site meaning it was updated this year.

Objectivity (Bias):

  • The issues covered in the studies are all comprehensively covered by the authors. 
  • The team that carried out this research are professionals and there are no any reported cases of biases or cases that can be seen from reading the article. Peek is an author who works for institutions affiliated to the University of Colorado. He also holds the position of Co-Director at CDRA.

The fact that Peek works as Co-Director at CDRA means that there could be some favouritism towards the publication of this author’s works. This can be seen in the articles chosen in this research. Two of them have Peek as a common author and all the articles are found in CDRA publishers.


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