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It is quite essential for Toyota Company to ensure proper coordination of various functions within its operations for the company to be the world’s number one car producer and at the same time make certain that its functional areas factor in total quality. For the everyday car manufacturing in the various plants, for instance Burnaston, this company is forced by its pull system to coordinate administration, marketing, sales, production and finance. Marketing and sales marketing have a considerably central role to play in selling of the already manufactured cars thus the company prioritizes it (TMC 1). While the finance department funds advertisements to the public, a function of the marketing department, it is the administration department that oversees this. Owing to the fact that there are varied markets for these cars, consumer tastes are prioritized in selecting the models to produce. This consumer centered approach makes advertising to be relatively effective. Besides, TMC is making unrelenting efforts to corner a new-fashioned and upcoming market segment of individuals who are environmentally informed and who are aware of the company’s latest innovation in hybrid designs (Public Bonds 1). In the aspect of marketing, TMC has been marketing several new products, all of which are in line with the environmental consciousness objective, this includes its first mass-marketed hybrid vehicle, the Prius. In the near future the company is geared towards expanding into foreign territories thus broadening its overall global capacity. Domestically, Toyota Motor Company (TMC) is taking advantage of the challenges that its competitors are facing to close up the market gap and resultantly, this company is becoming the America’s dominant auto manufacturer.

In efforts to realize its objectives, the company has greatly invested in research and development (R&D). This has made possible the improvement of its old models to the creation of new and more innovative vehicles (TMC 1). In terms of market performance, there are clear indicators that the company is excelling. Through its marketing strategies, the company has been able to match its specific products within specific market segments to a sub-segment which is even more refined. Moreover, these techniques of marketing have ensured the enhancement of marketing knowledge and its application within the company. Through the same marketing, each of the company’s model has been able to earn customer profile through the identification of specific customer groups and targeting them as the preferred market for those vehicles which fit them (Public Bonds 1). By 2013, TMC is hopeful of manufacturing the ultimate Ecocar. This is a thing which has been assured by the company’s R&D department. Besides, the company has also embarked on enhancing and improving its present designs of vehicles as well as the efficacy and quality of the components comprising them. The greatest percentage of the company’s research is aimed at realizing energy security as well as diversifying energy sources as have been necessitated by the deteriorating supply of petroleum. The company’s research and development efforts are also in line with its marketing objectives of becoming the dominant auto manufacturer globally (TMC 1). This has been well received by motor vehicle customers, who are cost-challenged, since they find it wise to purchase the company’s vehicles which utilize other forms of fuel other than gas. The research and development personnel are liaising with the top management of the company as well as the workforce and as thus all are working as a team in ensuring that their efforts in research and design are consistent with other goals of the company. Moreover, the improved auto designs have included the variable of heightened cost-efficiency not only for the company but also for its customers (TMC 1). Through all these, the company has continued to be a pioneer in the realms of augmented transportation.


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