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Rio Rancho, NM is currently going through various changes; including a increased population, swiftly changing demographics as well as exceptional demand for public safety. All these situations are part of not only the opportunities but also challenges for the Rio Rancho NM department of Public Safety like never before. Each of the divisions of the Public Safety Department has been obliged with the preparation of work plan in accordance with the Department’s strategy. Community relations officers assist in addressing the various areas of responsibility. These officers are quite vital for the development and institution of the work plans. The active participation of community relations officer in Rio Rancho aims at engaging the staff in working hand in hand as a force to achieve considerably better service to the city and, if possible, to surpass expectations. Owing to the fact that the philosophy of the Department is that Department of Public Safety (DPS) ought never to rest on its glory, the Department is continuously energizing and empowering its staff. This is aimed at ensuring that the set standards are the very best. In due course, the larger community gets to benefit from these efforts through improved quality of life and outstanding law enforcement.

The Department of Public Safety is headed by a director who works hand in hand with a dedicated group of other public service professionals in ensuring that they uphold the high performance, accountability and service level of the Department. Being a department made up of two bureaus, each bureau is headed by a deputy chief. These bureaus are: Support services and the Law Enforcement bureaus. The Support Service division is obliged with undertaking a number of operational services and at the same time involved in the provision of administrative support to the Law Enforcement division. Operationally, the service department makes available code enforcement, emergency telecommunication and animal control services to the community. On the other hand, the administrative support functions include secretarial, records services, quartermaster, budget, community relations, school resource officers, internal investigations, departmental training and recruiting tasks. In the code enforcement facet, there are two supervisors and five other code enforcement officers. These are obliged with the monitoring and enforcing of the municipal policies with respect to planning, land use, zoning as well as order maintenance activities within the city. The animal control division is responsible for enforcing animal control laws as applicable to welfare, health, and safety of the both the citizens and animals in the city. It is this division which has the responsibility of educating the public on animal overpopulation as well as facilitating apt animal care. In making sure these tasks are effectively accomplished, the division has seventeen staff members; among whom one is the supervisor, seven animal control officers, two offices assistants, one facility coordinator, and six kennel workers. Rio Rancho city has of late been chosen as Sandoval County’s regional emergency communications answering and dispatching city. This division comprises of forty six staff members who are required to respond to over two hundred and sixty thousand telephone calls on an annual basis from various individuals on the lookout for public safety assistance.

The Law Enforcement division has been successful in instituting a new-fashioned policing style. This has made the city to be proud. This division aims at striking a balance between traditional and innovative approaches of policing and supporting working in partnership with the community so as to succeed in addressing issues of crime and disorder problems. Through its Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) program, the Department has been able to meet and exceed the expectations of everyone and this has seen all embrace the program. The CPI program services have been crafted in such a manner that they not only reach out, but also connect to and work with the community. Partnership has remained crucial to the department’s way of policing. This partnership policy gears towards a problem-solving strategy which has a leaning on the involved and supportive people, and involving frequent contacts with the community members and a commitment from both the division and the community. As part and parcel of each and every person’s obligation, all division members put extra efforts in ensuring the enhancement of the partnership with the community as well as helping solve problems. Moreover, each is under obligation to recognize the significance of maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethics since these are quite important for unrelentingly improving the enforcement of law in Rio Rancho.

Owing to the fact that the Department is in the middle of long-term and wide-ranging technological transformations, all members have committed themselves prudent use of the limited resources so as to facilitate success jointly - among the officers and the citizens. Notably, there are a hundred and twenty three police officers who have been sworn in to work in the Law Enforcement division. They work in the Quantum Road headquarters facility or for the Department’s North Area Command. With patrol being the most visible and largest bureau in the Department, uniformed patrol personnel are tasked with protecting life and property, responding to all call services including the 9-1-1 as well as taking part in investigating crimes. In the patrol bureau, there are also specialized resources such as ATV patrol, canine, school resource officers, the gang unit, Crisis Negotiation Team, Special Response Team and the Special Weapons and Tactics unit (SWAT). With such a strong basis of law enforcement as w ell as community partnership, the Department has all through remained fully focused on subduing and averting criminal activity against people and property in Rio Rancho.


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