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American authorities should come up with various measures to stop future attacks and ensure that the entire country is secure and citizens do not live in fear. To prevent future attacks from Islamist militants, Americans should be seen to wage the war on terror justly. The efforts against terrorists should be made in the manner to ensure that innocent civilians are not adversely affected as this may encourage even the common people to report terrorists in their neighborhoods. Moreover, America should preach its intention to instill global peace and unity in order to convince the terrorists to rethink their position. Some of the measures include the improvising of a strong homeland defense. In doing so, the US military and civilians will have to work together to ensure that suspicious individuals who seem to be plotting attacks are easily detected and action is taken upon them.

The US government has to introduce strict aviation security measures where information in the aviation security system is kept confidential to the respective authorities only to ensure that enemies cannot identify any loopholes through which they may attack the country. This is because most of the worst attacks have been carried out through the use of aircrafts. A good example is the September 2001 attack of the WorldTradeCenter where thousands of people were killed. Moreover, the continued growth of Islamist terrorism should be prevented by destabilizing the Al Qaeda and toppling the Taliban who have been supporting their activities for years.

The measures taken after the 9/11 attack have made Americans more secure compared to how they had been before the incident. This is because the US intelligence has since been able to detect terrorism schemes against its country, and its military has managed to topple the Taliban who had offered sanctuary to most Islamist terrorists for long. Moreover, the US has been able to kill some renowned terrorists such as Osama bin Laden making the country more secure.


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