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There are three major learning outcomes from the plug-in Global trends. Firstly is the ability to identify the emerging global trends that will significantly impact on future businesses. Secondly is the ability to identify various technologies that will significantly impact on future businesses and thirdly is the ability to explain why the understanding of trends and new technologies can aid in preparation for the future of an organization. The plug-in has discussed various new trends and emerging technologies that can help any organization get ready for future challenges and opportunities. It is important for organizations to look forward to and get ready for the future in business by getting to learn the emerging trends and new technologies. Such preparedness provides organizations with a valuable strategic advantage. Organizations that will effectively adopt new technologies can employ their knowledge to protect their businesses against unexpected and fatal technological obsolescence.

Apart from the ‘Trends Shaping our Future’ highlighted in the plug-in, there are other trends that have a potential to change our world, our lives and our future. Social media are becoming more useful to businesses, while more developing countries grow to a level of developed countries. Traditional economic giants are losing their monopoly. Scramble for natural resources is intensifying while exploitation of some of the natural resources is engaging more of machines moving from human labor. Reading is moving to screens as e-readers and smart phones become available to everyone. Hard copies of reading materials will no longer be as useful. Diseases are reduced in developing countries as developed countries invest more in them. Teleliving has boosted lives in developing countries as people living in those countries accomplish various aspects of live through internet enabled computers.


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