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Without any doubt, in the 21st century society has faced a big environmental problem that can relentlessly confront humanity, commonly known as global warming. According to the definition, global warming is a gradual rise of temperature near the Earth’s surface and in the troposphere that leads to significant changes in the global climate models. Historically, the scientific use of the term “global warming” was first dated in 1975, after the publication of the scientific paper “Are We on the Edge of a Pronounced Global Warming?” In 1988, the testimony of NASA climate scholar James Hansen led to popularization of the motto of generation “stop global warming”. However, a researcher from the American Institute of Physics Weart (2009) suggested that the analyzed notion was discovered earlier, in 1859, by a Victorian natural scientist John Tyndall who saw that some gases much influenced infrared radiation. Additionally, the next significant breakthrough in the consideration of the Earth’s temperature changes was done by a Swedish scholar Svante Arrhenius that was the first scientist who published the calculation of global warming as a result of human emissions of CO2 (Weart, 2009).

Undoubtedly, in the framework of studying of global warming it is necessary to mention the main causes of this disaster to check human imprudent activities, and to assume the appropriate measures with the aim of solving this issue. The main cause of global warming is carbon dioxide emissions as a result of fossil fuel burning plants. This can be explained by the fact that society is addicted to electricity from coal burning power plants. Thus, 94% of atmospheric emissions are caused by the electric utility industry (Business Week, 2006). The second cause is Methane emissions from animals, and agriculture manufactures. For instance, the excessive usage of chemical fertilizers or croplands leads to the formation of the “dead zones” in the oceans, and dramatically influences the food that people consume. In addition, deforestation is one of the global warming reasons, since it has an impact on the reduction of carbon capture on the Earth (“Global Warming effects and causes: A top 10 list,” 2011).

However, humans can help to improve the situation by the application of renewable sources of energy, such as wind, solar, water, and geothermal powers. In 1993, the Department of Energy has published the data that indicated the efficiency of wind power and its competitiveness, comparing to the entire nation’s electricity needs (Archer & Jacobson, 2005). Moreover, wind power is a cost competitive source of energy that does not pollute the air. The wind energy supplies are commonly used in Germany, Austria, the USA, Holland, India, Denmark, and Spain. Furthermore, solar power is an effective source of energy that gives a profound opportunity to take electricity from the natural sunlight. According to the National Atlas of the United States (2011), solar power is economically competitive, since it promotes more than 10 megawatts that are coming in at 11 cents/ kwh, and the expanses are planned to be cut to less than 6 cents. Using only five million acres the vacant industrial places in our nation's cities could meet 90% of America’s current electric needs. Besides, hydropower is the cheapest source of electricity, since the technology for the water power stations is not complicated. The simplicity of the hydroelectric power is that there is no need in a large dam – even small hydroelectric power system can give farms, houses or ranches with enough electricity. On the other hand, geothermal power can use the natural sources of heat within the Earth to provide electricity. Nowadays, the majority of geothermal power is applying steam or hot water from subsoil.

Moreover, the scientists have developed efficient new projects, such as the Masdar Project, the Science behind Masdar's Spanish Solar Solution, and the solar plant Shams 1 that will be helpful in solving the problems associated with fossil fuels. The pointed project should come from renewable energy by 2020. The Masdar is considering building a US$200 million wind farm, producing energy from the light breezes by using specialized blades. The Masdar signed up a new contract in January 2012, and the wind farm would begin sending power to the grid in 2014. The cost of installing one megawatt of wind power is $2million, and the $200 million is in total. Undoubtedly, wind plants should be supported by government, while they significantly improve the environmental situation. Moreover, the Science behind Masdar's Spanish Solar Solution Gamasolar is the new Spanish solar-power plant. It is constructed in such way that the molten salt is pumped instead of oil to the top of a 140 meters tower, and heated by the sun energy. The Gamasolar has succeeded to become the first solar power plant that produces electricity 24 hours for 30 times and covers the energy need for 25, 000 homes. Therefore, the solar plant Shams 1 is an efficient concentrating solar power station developed by the Shams Power Company. After the full implementation of this project, more than 200, 000 homes will be provided with the power. According to this plan, Egypt and Qatar will produce 20% of their energy from solar plants. It is predicted to build 41, 000 megawatts by 2032 (Casey, 2012).

All in all, people should review their impact on global warming, and assume radical measure to solve this issue. It is a general true that this essay’s subject has a relentless effect on the growth in sea levels, expansion of storms and hurricanes, global failure of crops, terrific extinction of animals, and evanescence of coral reefs. Does our impudent behaviour deserve the impossibility of the existence of future generation? The answer is, definitely, no. People have to be good stewards of the planet, and support the work of the state and different programs that attempt to protect the environment.


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