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Human resource is the most significant part of any company. It therefore means that the best the company should have is its employees who are productive and focused on the goals and the main objectives of the company. The objective is fully achieved when the company takes care of the diversity of its workforce. When employees discover that the company values them, they give the best in return. The management of the company must ensure that they fully understand the vision, mission, positioning statement and other key objectives of the company. In my analysis I will use Starbucks Corporation, as the company of choice.

Starbucks Corporation is aware of all these facts and makes sure that its employees are treated well as they should be. To the company, an employee is as important as the customer because he or she makes the company what it is. Recently business conditions have changed toward achieving the greatest competitive advantage by incorporating their human resource departments in a strategic manner. The human resource department of a company can be reactively used to create competitive advantage by relating its agendas to the company business strategy (Hunger & Wheelmen, 2009). Human resource departments are responsible for undertaking functions such as recruitment and selection, training and development, labor relations, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits, which have great influence on the company. A well-managed company, such as Starbucks Corporation, will employ the basic framework to ensure its human resource practices are aligned with its business strategy.

In Starbucks Corporation employees are addressed as the most valuable resources. The method of recruitment will therefore consider the most talented employees who can work effectively towards the Company’s growth. In addition, the employees are constantly trained in order to acquire more skills, altitudes and knowledge. This in turn helps the corporation to improve its overall performance, carry out its activities in a more efficient and effective manner, sustain well-informed employees and apply the same procedures when recruiting new employees. Compensation and benefits programs are conducted in such a way that they boost the employees’ morale and make them feel that they are an essential part of the company. This is based on the employee’s performance and achievements, which further motivate them to excel in their performance effectiveness. The recent compensation program is a combination of basic salary, variable and equities pay (Armstrong, 2007).

While business strategy is critical for the performance of this company, the human resource has fully been integrated into it, making it one of the best companies in terms of human resource value and management. The company has also incorporated and valued the presence of women by giving them positions as employees in the company. By doing this, diversity as a critical arm of the company strategy has been implemented. If improvement will be done in a number of areas, the company will reap great benefits in future.

How Hiring Women and promoting them could improve the Competitive Advantage

The company is likely to grow larger and make more profits when it promotes women employees into management positions. This is because women enhance good relationships between people and are likely to bring people together thereby encouraging the spirit of teamwork. When people work together as a group, they assure that they are working towards a common objective. This is the business requiring much customer service; therefore, when customers are treated well, they will return and encourage others (Grant, 2008). People work harder when the relationship with the managers goes beyond that of employee-employer relationship to a stronger, friendly and warm relationship between them. It will also make them like the job they are currently in, owing to the fact that this company is known for taking care of its employees.

Women will also easily understand the emotion of people they are handling. They can tell the mood of the employees very easily and quickly suggest the way forward. Women are gifted in understanding feelings of people thereby putting them at an advantage when dealing with very large numbers of people. Starbucks employs many people, but it will continue to recruit. This therefore means that the company will be advised accordingly and be able to monitor the employees. Interaction with corporate customers of the company will also be easier because the woman leader will understand their emotions implying that the company will be able to take care of its employees, fellow managers, corporate clients and other visitors.

Women are good at working together with other people and appreciating them. They find it good when the ideas are shared with others. The best thing that a company can ever have is that leader who is capable of bringing people’s abilities together and organizes them. Employees need appreciation as a motivation to work well. They also need an environment where their ideas are accepted because they are the ones meeting the clients directly. An employee works harder when he or she is encouraged to contribute and when they are made a part of the company and of a great team (Hunger &Wheelem, 2009). This cannot be possible when they lack appreciation, yet this is a company requiring teamwork. This will also be very useful to this company because it also deals with part-time employees who have not worked together before.

In addition, a company which prefers to hire more women will be better than that which does not. This is because both women and men have different needs and opinions which reciprocate directly to the different needs of customers. Owing to the fact that women make the largest portion of the company’s customers, hiring more women will make the company have a deeper understanding on these needs. This in turn will make the company to make informed decisions concerning the customers’ preferences and tastes. Moreover, women at the tops will give good role models to other women who will aspire to be like them. This will create a good image to the company and many customers will be attracted to it.

Recruitment and Retention Plan

A good recruitment plan for females would be useful so that they will be given a chance to work and earn just as men do. This will be embracing the concept of gender diversity. Recruitment plan will focus on the level of education and other available information on women who are currently working. It will also vary with their age. To enroll more women the company needs to revise some factors such as deployment, the supervisors and some procedures and policies, which govern the company (Grant, 2008). A new recruitment plan will also take care of women’s level of interest and the opportunities available for them. There should be career growth for women, which will motivate them to work with the company and to work harder to rise to new positions. Recruiting personnel should be skilled to identify various strengths of the candidates so that they can come up with employees who can lender the best servicers.

Retention plan depends on the recruitment plan. This is because of the fact that when the best employees are hired, they will be able to work for long in the company. When company loses an employee, more money will be spent in hiring and training a new one. More loss will be experienced when it loses a woman employee with good qualities (Armstrong, 2007). It is there for very critical to take note of the employee’s interest, values and other qualities that match those of the organization. Motivations and giving a reward will be very useful to this company and especially to women employees because women like rewards. This will make the employees to be very committed to their tasks even when these tasks are complex or require much of their energy.

Women can also be retained by giving them some autonomous jobs and assignments. This makes them arrive at individual decisions and especially in areas where they are good. It is also known to bring about job satisfaction, which is one of the greatest tools of retention. Job satisfaction for women is very important and can make them give the best services to this company. There is also the need to hire a woman manager who can read emotion and find why some of them are leaving the company and thus advise the company accordingly. The company also does not need to be very firm and rigid to old practices, which makes the employees look for other ways to shield them. There should be career growth, relationship with employees should be more intimate, working hours revised to accommodate women and health services may include their immediate family members.


Several obstacles may be encountered when empowering and giving women equal chances with men (Grant, 2008). Higher rate of absenteeism and turnover exist among women than it is with men. This will make the company consider the number of days lost when the employee was not at work. It is therefore expensive to the company because it may be forced to hire a casual worker, which is an extra cost. Loss of workers when the turnover is very high among women may lead to loss of skills. It is also expensive to replace. 

In addition, when women are working together with men, they may not make enough and reliable contribution to the group, hence under performance. This may be affected by tensions and relationships, which may lead to low productivity. It may also suppress the spirit of teamwork, which is highly required by this company (Hunger & Wheelmen, 2009). There is also high cost of training associated with this because the organization has to train all the aspects ranging from acceptance of different people’s personality to discrimination. Much cost may be incurred simply intended to make different employees aware of how they will relate with each other, especially when men and women are to be involved.

Another obstacle that this company may encounter in an attempt to include more women in their organization is the way women are perceived in the society. Women are perceived as non-competitive and non- risk takers. On the other hand, men are perceived as aggressive when it comes to competition and risk-taking which is a good character of businesspeople. This perception can interfere with the company’s image.


Recommendations to this company will be based on two main Human Resource Management strategies. Development of employees needs to be focused so that the recruited employees are promoted to higher position in the company and therefore being made to grow in their career path (Grant, 2008). This will encourage the fellow employees to work hard and give the best of their abilities toward the company’s productivity. Settled employees will work with all their energy focused on their work without looking for greener pastures. It also enables employees to be innovative because they are doing it to their advantage and their minds are fully settled to think. This strategy will be very useful to women, especially those targeting leadership positions because they will be easily developed from within. It will also give them an equal chance to compete because the position will be based on merit not gender.

The process of recruiting should not be based only on the qualification, but in line with the vision, mission and objective of the company. Recruitment should be such that the hired employee will promote what the company was to accomplish when it was being formed. The organization should hire people according to the skills they need and exercise effective posting of employees to areas they can give the best outcome. Extra qualities should be encouraged because this will be an additional strength to the company (Armstrong, 2007). Talented people and other qualities such as enthusiasm would be important, especially for the company where customers need excellent service. Retention should also be encouraged through motivation and career growth. These practices will encourage more women to enroll work with the company, which as noted earlier are major investment to the company. Empowering women is empowering a nation.


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