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This chapter will give an exposition of some substantial methods utilized in acquiring tremendous insight into the process of Psychoanalysis in human speech. Thus, there is an extensive degree of conclusive findings in human speech circuit modeling, perception hardware modeling and reality experiments. First, the process of psychoanalysis with regards to human speech is attributed to an irrefutable theory by an eminent theorist, Ferdinand de Saussure. According to Saussure, human speech is understood from the Psychology of a person’s mind wherein the mind utilizes language and the sense represented in language. Thus, the conection between linguistics and Psychology is well established and simplified in a multidisciplinary way. Saussure explicates the way in which language is expressed from the intellect of an individual to another which he deems a Circuit wherein hearing as well as vocalization are subsequent. The internal model and sound pattern in the brain is viewed as Circuit. In advancement of this perception of human speech, Saussure employed the Physiology of Phonetics and outlined the biological underlying machinations which were the actual foundations of language, its origin and philology of specific sound patterns of the human palate hence a perfect mapping of the Physiology of Phonetics. In the methodology of Saussure, language is concisely linked to biological Psychology and has a linear storage process that handles language output which is transmitted to a receiver in similar way as well. In fact, the speech language was further explained by Saussure as existing in lobes and grooves in the cortex of the brain.

Subsequently, the understanding of the human speech circuit is the foundation of the human speech circuit modeling wherein a pattern model of neurons was experimented to the effect of mind-body reduction hence proving a mechanical binary system can be utilized to do actual simplification of the process of information storage and transmission. The comparison in the experiment was aimed at assessing the human brain model and the binary computer model so that digital circuits could be created and managed by software to simulate the human mind. In addition, electrical hardware were used to store and model human mind, especially the brain.

A score of logic gates were used to model the neurons and a reduced simple human speech processor was created hence a digital human speech circuit brought out the perceived psychoanalysis of human speech in the output and input processes in human speech.

Although there is no universal human mind processor the human speech circuit processor is a hypothetical construction that reduces the human mind, but serves the purpose of simulating a biological memory circuit to process speech functioning in a logical way. The science and technology of the Matrix in the human speech circuit modeling is an ideal presentation of the artificial intelligence realm that storage of information in the human mind can be simulated in a dramatic way wherein characters enjoy a remarkable interaction with each other. The artificial intelligence creation can actually interact with the human brain due to the receiving capability and the coding of information to involve the human brain. In fact, the Matrix is a comparison of how a signal intelligence can be interfaced to provide means of plugging sense into a pipe of information from a person’s mind to a cyberspace reality hence the memory space would serve as a storage in the speech circuit wherein the circuit could be isolated. In the Matrix, an electrical signal intelligence pattern dominates and performs human activities hence humans are just a power source on which the Matrix runs. This idea depicts, the simulation of human brain especially the facet responsible for speech processing ascertaining that psychoanalysis is a viable means to understand the human speech circuit.


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