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Free «Inferential Statistics» Essay Sample

Inferential statistics entails the mathematical procedures that involve utilization of sample information that may look useless to ordinary person and transforming it in to clever estimations concerning a certain population. The sample usually involves a set of all elements in a particular population, which should be a proper representation of the entire population, as it should not compromise the representation of one of the elements within a set with another in the population. Thus, inferential statistics has the fundamental assumption that the procedure of undertaking sampling is random (Lane, n.d.). Therefore, inferential statistics are very important in research works as it helps to make meaningful estimations from sample data that may otherwise seem useless.

From inferential statistics, researchers are making efforts to arrive at conclusions that go beyond the occurring data. To give insight to this, inferential statistics can apply in a situation where one wishes to establish the thinking of a particular population concerning a certain issue. In addition, it can apply to when discernment is of paramount importance to determine dependability on the probability concerning noted disparity between to sets of data. Therefore, inferential statistics can apply in an effort to make conclusions from a particular data to appreciable conditions giving a vivid statistics describing the behavior of the data in question (Research Methods, 2006).


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To arrive at this, inferential statistics uses primarily two testing methods, which are estimation and hypothesis. Estimation testing method utilizes the sample to approximate a parameter, which results to development of a confidence interval. On its part, hypothesis testing will involve null hypothesis to test the stability of the data (Lane, n.d.). For instance, a null hypothesis in high-speed results to severe accidents study can be that high speed does not necessarily mean serious injuries.

Moreover, inferential statics can apply to establish program outcomes and design results. For example, comparing “the average performance of two groups on a single measure to see if there is difference” (Research Methods, 2006). It will result that the main categories that involve inferential statistics associates with the known linear model statistics. This consists of discrepancy tests such as the t-test, Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) and regression amongst other methods (Research Methods, 2006).

In conclusion, inferential statistics are very important in research works as it helps to make meaningful estimations from sample data that may seem useless. It involves the procedure of using samples taken at random. In addition, inferential statistics is a useful research analysis technique that extends beyond the ordinary understanding of observed data to make judgments thus understanding the behavior of a data set and finally, it incorporates the linear model statistics to determine discrepancies of data using the estimation and hypothesis testing methods.


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