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The following is a summary of notes for the best candidate regarding the concluded interview for the position of night shift supervisor.

Candidates Minimum Qualification

From the conducted interview this candidate possesses a four year degree with specialization in Procurement. The candidate has worked for seven years in different capacities within the retail industry. Out of the seven years the candidate has performed supervisory work at one of the leading refinery company’s warehouse for six years. The candidate has demonstrated excellent work in his previous duties evidenced by recognition certificates awarded to him. This candidate is well built physically proving capable of doing manual work like lifting (Eustace, 2012).

During the interview process, both in the resume and oral interview, the candidate demonstrated fluency in his expressions, a strong indication of possessing good communication skills needed here. The interviewee’s response to a case posed by the interviewing panel on how he could react in case of a serious accident happening during his shift clearly displayed the candidate as being independent minded when making decisions. The candidate demonstrated objectivity in his reasoning throughout the interview. The candidate has attended various workshops and seminars on leadership in his previous engagement proving to possess leadership skills needed to supervise his juniors (Ann, 2010).

The candidate convinced the panel about his ability to maintain clear records of work, tracing each goods as they come in and leave. The candidate demonstrated to have excellent report writing skills, a duty he has performed in his previous jobs with perfection. The overall assessment revealed the candidate’s ability to work under pressure and respond effectively to a tight schedule.


The candidate remained relevant throughout the interview process, arguing out his cases objectively. It is recommended that he takes up this job, unless there are other reasons not known to me.  


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