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Job enrichment refers to an endeavor to motivate employees by offering an opportunity to exercise their wide array of abilities. Fredrick Taylor designed a job that was highly specialized and gave no opportunity for workers to experiment or innovate new ways of performing tasks (Taylor, 1947). Later on, researchers emerged who brought in the sense of job enrichment. They claimed that workers were supposed to be encouraged to learn and engage in innovation at work.

Job enrichment includes work site activities, such as self-directed teams, quality circles, information sharing, and job rotation among others (Porter, Edward &Hackman, 2005). Such practices are adopted by typical organizations so as to challenge and motivate employees, inspire them to improve their productivity, safety and their quality. When people enjoy the challenges, they get satisfied with the job and reduce turn over considerably (Drago, Saul & Wooden, 2012). Reduced turn over leads to minimized costs and increased productivity. Another way to adopt job enrichment is through job enlargement. This happens after encouraging various activities such as multi-tasking and adoption of peer monitoring.

Job enrichment has been associated with increased productivity. This is evident after some activities such as job rotation and information sharing. Rotation means that a new mind is hired to perform a task that was previously run by an already used person (Cappelli & Nikolai, 2004). When employees stay in one job position for long, they tend to get used and reduce their productivity considerably. Sharing of information also irises proficiency through increased effectiveness and speed of operations. Similarly, self-directed teams enlarge job satisfaction, which acts as a motivation to workers. The teams function as a social group where employees air their grievances from and talk issues related to the organization.

Job enrichment affects the organizational functionality in various ways. One way is through increased production that generates from employee motivation. The other way is through blending of skills in certain operations gained after job rotation (Hackman & Oldham, 2006). Organizations seeking to intensify their productivity have to adopt job enrichment strategies and apply them effectively.


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