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It is undeniable that the management, the customers, suppliers and the workforce should be involved in the capitalization of the total quality management in order to ensure success of the business and satisfaction of the customers. There is only one key to any businesses’ success and that is the workforce (Kurtz, 2010). Dedication and perseverance to work together in achieving success this is what makes a company successful. Every management must make sure that the workforce is doing what it is being paid to do so. The creation and establishment of small, yet diversified business segments that can function on its own, but can still be under the authority of a higher, bigger and dominant segment, must be given priority. Large companies must learn that too much bureaucracy will not always work, especially in the world of globalization. Businesses grow rapidly. Every worker and leader must make sure that he can cope up with the fast pacing environment of operations without compromising the very essence on which the business has been founded in the first place.

            However, it should not be mistaken that it has always been said that good management and leadership skills are the keys to a successful implementation of any strategies for business growth. A more relaxed and more-friendly approach in relation to treating the workforce ensures that total quality management will work to the best interest of any company or business (Marshall, 1961). The culture of integrity among the managerial staff and the whole workforce will definitely strengthened how the people and the management can work together to achieve success. It is definitely one of the strength, which will make the company to grow, even, more powerful in the coming years. In cutting down the bureaucracy of the company or business and focusing on the global operations will enable all the strategies imposed to work well.

Making Total Quality Management Work

            But then again, it cannot be denied that one of the problems that can destroy what has been established is the building up of familiarity between the management and the workforce. It will definitely hinder the growth of each employee as well as the business in general. With the increasing global demand and competition, companies must make sure that with all its components, the workforce, the management and the customers will and can stand together in facing global challenges and strive hard to grow in power (Sullivan, 2003). One of the most important things to consider as well is the acquisition of power that will bring about more popularity and following from the customers to grow in number and increase in success (Lustig, 2006). It cannot be denied that success is power and the more power one business has, the more profitable it can become. It has to be noted that even if one company has already established its name in the business it still needs to make sure that it will not stop growing and making more profit. However, in order to gain more profitability and stability, acquisition will definitely help in boosting the business ranking and their profit. Although the business might already have various segments, acquiring even more segments and other business line up will ensure that they will remain in their first or second place ranking. By acquiring more business lines, the company is spreading its influence that will surely make them unbeatable in the business (Hitt,, 2008).

With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that the importance of total quality management is of high importance to achieve success (Lukacs, 1971). The focus should be on making sure that a company will continue to grow and that it is prepared to face all the challenges of the global world. There are different approaches, techniques and styles that can be used but the main agenda is to keep it growing (Bessembinder, 2003).


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