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Singer is one of the psychologists who have tried to come up with varying views as concerns the quality and type of life that human beings live in the world. He has also related how people relate with one another in the society, and with the animals and other living things. First and foremost, he has given the idea that food is a provision from the most high, and thus there is no other need that should make man die due to lack of it. Poverty is one of the critical issues that man has suffered for a long time and continues to suffer its scourges (Nathanson, 2003).

Singer’s main argument is based on justice that should prevail between human beings and the animals in every society. He disputes and claims that sufferings and deaths as a result of lack of the basic things as food, shelter and clothing is one of the unfortunate things in the face of the earth. According to him, there is no need for people and animals to suffer as a result of these consequences. Man should be in wary of these parameters that dictate the nature and the quality of life that a human being lives in the world. As a remedy for these issues, he has given a directive that depends on the moral application of the people who are involved in the same. He says that if there are any ways that deaths and sufferings due to these acts can be stopped, then they should be explored into (Nathanson, 2003). Moreover, this act of prevention should be morally upright and acceptable before the eyes and beliefs of everybody. To further emphasize on this, he uses an example of a child who is about to drawn in a puddle. For him he considers it morally sane to rescue the child from experiencing unnecessary death. It is morally right and even common sense that one has to have his or her cloths get dirty or even wet due to water and have the child saved. In this case, the cost of having to rescue the child is the fact that one will have his clothing and probably his body gets wet for a while. The moral concern here is that if there is a possibility of using or rather sacrificing something that is not of worth to gain that is of worth, then it should be done within an immediate effect.

Singer’s theory goes beyond that of human personal life to the relational perspective. It resembles the fact that one is morally obligated to stick to the right norms of human living. He says that we have great and special duties with people whom we live together as it is upon the moral standings of the various people to portray of the same qualities as those of singer. These are the people as our family members and countrymen (Nathanson, 2003). We should always be in defense of the personal ethical issues that come our way and should be quick to handle any issue as concerns the life of man and also of animals.

Singer has also specified on the issue that concerns the quality of life and level of poverty that is in the world at the moment. He says that it is ethical enough for people who have to stop the deaths and sufferings that are experienced by people who do not have and as a result die and suffer due to it. The virtue of partiality is of great significance in the life of man. He argues that there is no human being in the face of the earth who can explain on how he or she came into this world and having to have possessed a particular skill and not the other. He therefore calls for people to be partial on handling matters as concerns human life and the life of animals (Nathanson, 2003).

In the field of animal kingdom, singer brings in the idea of equality among the animals and the human beings. Every man should be equal to the other as this helps to bring together many people from different spheres of life. Moreover, it unifies people and instills the heart and moral conduct of helping one another. Likewise in the animal kingdom, there has to be equality and togetherness. One would consider that every animal has a particular range of rights that should be observed by other animals and human beings as a whole. An animal cannot be bestowed with particular rights in that it is not sensual enough to talk of things like animals having the right to vote or even participating in a number of activities. However, as concerns treatment and the daily handling of the animal, man should have in mind that these animals should be treated like other human beings especially as they have the instincts and senses of feeling pain and happiness.

In conclusion, singer has talked over a number of things. Morality is the main feature that has bee exemplified with the relationship between man and man and also that of man and animals been given more importance.


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