Free «Policy Recommendations for Bilingual Teachers» Essay Sample

The teacher training for bilingual teachers should incorporate the modern approaches to ensure they bring about the relevancy and the knowledge matter. As such, teachers should prepare for the challenging classroom activities, in which case they will implement the relevant subject matter.

Bilingual training for teachers has been a household expression. This is because more people have had to commence with provision of bilingual form of education that meets the immediate needs for competent, bilingual staff. However, the challenging aspect involves the limited number of bilingual teachers, in which case it has had to hinder the significant developments of bilingual education in the United States. Therefore, this paper will go along in examining the attaining of methodologies that are vital for bilingual teachers in the education sector.

The United States contains many students from the Mexican origin, both in the southwest and west. An excellent example involves the California state, in which case there is a substantial number of Hispanics, who are among the schooling population (Hidalgo, 1987). In addition, many Puerto Rican origin students are in Massachusetts and New York. In Florida, there is the perceiving that students of Cuban origin have had to take the center stage in the learning institution (Valdes-Fallis, 1968). Moreover, many Latin Americans send their children to various colleges while they preserve homes in both America and Latin America and carry on business as usual in the USA (Nollendorfs, 1983).

It is, therefore, advisable that teacher training programs should change approaches from the routine, traditional methodologies into a student-focused methodology. The reasons for this include assumptions that the tutorials are capable to expand enormous skills from the arrangement. Additionally, the approach provides immediate support, presentation skills and gives guides to the trainee teachers (Barkin, 1981). Furthermore, the teacher training exercises will allow for a tough form of potential influence on teacher trainees as they advance in future teaching practices. The shifting also allows the trainee teachers to comprehend that classroom activities includes challenging scenarios, in which case it needs an understanding of the manner to which one uses foreign language to teach subject knowledge skillfully.

The change in the policy is quite significant. This is because teaching teachers to understand and teach in bilingual language does not depend on the English skills, rather on the subject knowledge. In addition, there is the equipment of qualitative bilingual teachers with subject knowledge and not just possessing a degree in science or English. Some students possessing the ability to speak fluent foreign dialects remain unproductive in the learning field, in which case they cause teachers challenges.

Therefore, the implications of this guiding principle will have a monumental impact on the students. The policy guarantees students competence and has productive students in terms of material taught and knowledge acquired. The students will also interact fairly in the classroom and the course outside the curriculum activities. Furthermore, students will understand the culture and the way of living with their colleagues in the classroom. This will go along in catapulting the levels of cohesion amongst the students in the course of studies (Grosjean, 1982).

In conclusion, the consideration of involving this policy of training teachers for bilingual training is the first step into understanding the culture of a people, in which case their origin is outside the United States. Furthermore, the policy will go along in ensuring teachers prepares competently in their respective areas of teaching. This is because they receive trainings with the intention of furnishing them with the skills on how to advance in performing the vital elements of classrooms. The elements involve teaching relevant subject matter in a different dialect, in which case it helps in reaching a larger population of potential students.


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