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This marketing plan outlines how I plan to market my qualifications to potential employers. It starts by conducting a situational analysis, where customers, company, competitors, external market environment and S.W.O.T analysis are examined. Moreover, strategic direction involving targeting, segmentation, differentiation, and positioning is discussed. Targeting and segmentation part highlights where I plan to concentrate my efforts. Differentiation and positioning explains what distinguishes me from my competitors.

The next part covered by this plan discusses the marketing strategy to be used to reach potential employers. Among the aspects discussed in the marketing strategy are target market, product, promotion, price, and place. Promotion deals with the various ways through which the targeted employers will be reached. Product explains what I have to offer to employers. Place explores the different working locations and my most preferred one. Price highlights the expectable salary and other benefits that will have to be offered for my services.

Situation Analysis

  • Customers – I would like to venture and work in the service industry in the future. As such, potential customers who would utilize my services include hotels, airlines, and banking industries. My preference among these industries is the hotel industry. The hotel industry offers a variety of jobs such as managers in different departments, sales persons, and entertainment specialists. There is a very high likelihood of getting a job in hotels because their employee turnover is usually very high. The firms operating in this industry include outside catering firms, standard hotels with restaurants and accommodation, boutique hotels that offer highly customized services to its customers, etc. In the hotel industry, human resource managers together with departmental heads have a considerable say in the hiring decisions of their respective organizations (Kurtz 210). The departmental heads determine the required employees and the skills they should posses. The human resource managers act in accordance with this information to ensure that the organization has the required set of skills to meet its goals. The skills required by the hotel industry include good communication skills and complaints handling techniques. A critical success factor is the ability to provide customers with excellent service beyond their expectations. This can be possible with good communication and complaints resolution abilities.
  • Company – The job I am seeking should be able to help me advance knowledge in this industry and better my career. My strengths lie in the ability to work in teams. This is a crucial requirement in the hotel industry because the services to be delivered to customers require coordination at all stages. Failure in one area of the service delivery can spoil the rest of the service aspects. I am also able to work under pressure. This makes me capable to work for long hours and under tight schedules, which is typical of the hotel industry. When the goals set by me or by an organization are not fulfilled, I may get frustrated and become a bit introverted. Moreover, when I have to set specific goals, I tend to be over-ambitious, which may make me lose focus on the basic objectives. My ambitions to pursue further studies may limit the time spent working in the industry, since education takes a considerable amount of time.
  • Competitors – Other people seeking the same job as me include workers from other industries who have working experience and university graduates with better grades and a wider scope of knowledge. Those with working experiences may be preferred because their skills and expertise have been practically tested. On the other hand, those with university education are more competitive due to their education level compared to college students. Although those with experience may be preferred, they lack the recent information and knowledge since they use the old information they acquired while at school. Moreover, university students tend to have broad knowledge but little technical expertise. They are trained to be managers, but not frontline employees; therefore, they lack in finer details about the operations.
  • Context-External Market Environment- Political stability is very crucial to the service industry (Kotler 218). This is because it depends on tourism, which is affected negatively by political instability. Economic factors may lead to increase in taxation on consumer goods, which may lead to increase in food and drink prices, thereby reducing demand for hotels. Social factors such as beliefs and taboos dictate what clients consume and avoid in a hotel. Technological advancement enables hotels to improve efficiency in their service delivery, e.g. online booking. Legal measures taken by the government, e.g. increasing working hours, may lead to high employee turnover.
  • S.W.O.T


  1. Ability to work under pressure
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Knowledge of foreign languages


  1. Being over-ambitious
  2. Can get overworked in pursuit of objectives
  3. Frustration in case goals are not met


  1. Chances of employment due to high employee turnover
  2. Variety of hotels requiring similar services
  3. My skills can be used across different field, e.g. airlines and hotels


  1. Availability of experienced workers in the industry
  2. University graduates with higher education levels
  3. Changing technology that I may not be conversant with

Strategic Direction

  • Targeting and segmentation

Among the service industry players, I would like to work in the hotel industry. This decision is based on the rationale that the hotel industry has a wider variety of firms to choose from, all of which require the same set of skills (Baker 45). This reduces chances of failing to get employment.

  • Differentiation and positioning

Bearing in mind the different competitors in the market, I will ensure that before seeking employment, I will attend an internship for a considerable amount of time to enable me gain leverage with competitors with experience. Moreover, I would concentrate on a specific area and polish my skills in the area. This way, I will have better technical skills than university graduate competitors. Employers should view me as a new face in the industry with the best skills, experience, and latest knowledge about the industry. Compared to all the other potential employees seeking hotel management job, I am more qualified because I have experience, more technical skills and knowledge about current technologies being used in the industry. My qualifications can be confirmed by the referees from my college and from the administrators of the company where I had my internship.

Marketing Strategy

  • Target market

My target market is the service sector, specifically the hotel industry.

  • Product

Management of hotels and service delivery is a profession I have acquired with passion. I have high quality skills in hotel management, knowledge in technologies used in the hotel industry, and considerable experience in managing service encounters. My expertise will continue being polished through further training in institutions of higher learning. While pursuing higher education, I will gain more skills in the field of managing organizational change. This service will be, therefore, available to those who will employ me.

  • Price

The services offered will require compensation in form of $ 900 monthly and sponsored opportunities to further education up to a PhD level, to enable me serve better and more efficiently.

  • Place

I would like to work within the United States of America. Moreover, I would prefer to work indoors, where I would coordinate the activities of the organization under my management.

  • Promotion

The aim of promoting my candidature to potential employees is to showcase my qualifications so that those seeking employees with such qualifications can consider me. I plan to reach potential employers through attending interviews, dropping my resume at prospective employers and networking. The resume would contain information regarding academic qualifications and co-curricula activities, which would enhance their holistic perception of me. Interviews will help the potential employers gauge my confidence and eloquence in articulating ideas. I would also use different media to highlight my qualifications and the value these qualifications can offer to the organizations willing to hire me. One of the medium I would use to reach my potential employers is blogging. The blogs would aim to expose my qualifications to a wide variety of employers who use the internet.


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