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The main problem in this study is the destruction and disturbances caused to the people living in floodplain areas in US by frequent flooding. The mostly affected people are   lower middle class living in floodplain regions. The above mentioned group of people are affected in the sense that, they lose properties, the floods cause destruction to their agricultural lands, they are relocated out of homes thereby causing disturbances, they also face transportation problem since roads are destroyed. Flood damage problem has previously been addressed through building drainage systems, establishment of floods warning systems in the areas affected. In addition, the establishment of laws and agencies which responds to the plight of affected people (Alexander, 2002). For instance, National Flood Insurance Act which offers flood protection to homeowners in Floodplains regions. Similarly, in year 1974 the Disaster Relief Act was enacted to give guidance on the process of Presidential disaster declarations in order to control flood damage problems.

Despite the above mentions strategies the status quo of ineffective flood warning alerts as well as ineffective drainage systems have been maintained. The problem of floods in these areas can be solved by the government with the assistance of all other stakeholders. It is prudent to note that, the problem has not been solved due to lack of political will to create policies which solve the problem once and for good.

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Possible solutions to flooding problem

  • Raising of occupied parts of the floodplain above the maximum flood levels
  • Building of Upstream watersheds to control floods down stream
  • Making structural adjustments to current building in the floodplain areas
  • Establishing regulations to control land use programs around floodplain areas
  • Establishing flood insurance fund
  • Emergency flood warning and evacuation teams in areas prone to floods
  • Building of reservoirs and good drainage systems

So far I have discovered that; raising of occupied parts of the floodplain above the maximum flood levels, building of Upstream watersheds to control floods downstream, making structural adjustments to current building in the floodplain areas, establishing regulations to control land use programs around floodplain areas. Yes, I have discussed flood damage problem with other student and they feel a lasting solution is urgently needed. They have also praised my recommendations and given insightful thoughts which have informed my adjustments of different disaster management strategies.

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