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Origin of El Paso Police Department

Public administration acts a link between public organization and their provision of public services to people in a named community (Karl, 2002). In El Paso, Texas, there are various public organizations, which provide the local government to address the needs of the community in various spheres. The El Paso Police department is an outstanding example of a public organization that has been in existence for than a century. The El Paso Police depart began operating in 1880s when there was a need for law enforcement in various areas, in Texas (Rubenser & Priddy, 2011). Apparently, the journalist in the 1800s wrote articles that attracted many people to the west. However, many of the people were wild and dangerous, and this created a need for law enforcement. Consequently, the city employed police marshals who could contain the increasing number of lawlessness in the city.

History of El Paso Police Department

The city of El Paso had a few marshals to handle law and order, but there was an increased concern on community safety, which led to the hiring of more police marshals. Inevitably, this led to the establishment of the El Paso police division (History of the El Paso Police Department, n.d ). Newspaper stories emphasized on the need of increasing the number of security officers as journalists argued that few personnel were unable to provide citizens with safety. Over years, the police department witnessed hiring of new officers as many officers died on the line of duty. Notably, other marshals with diverse backgrounds joined the department.

By the end of 1990s, the citizens of El Paso improved their perception about the police department. Unlike before where most of the marshals had questionable backgrounds, the police department had reduced scandals that dent is image (Rubenser & Priddy, 2011). As a result, the public increased its awareness to the noble role the police department played in promoting law and order. This was because most of the police officers were not outlaws and they did not engage in activities that marred their roles as police officers.

The police department also increased its adoption of technology when it introduced motor patrol. This section of the police department patrolled the city using automobile and the department increased the number of police officer. In fact, the police department had 72 police officers by the end of 1916 (History of the El Paso Police Department, n.d) Since then, the El Paso police department has evolved employing female clerks and increasing its use of technologies such as radar to enforce laws.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of El Paso Police department sets it as an exemplary public organization, which hopes to render service to the community with integrity and dedication.  In addition, the El Paso police department also seeks to preserve the lives of people in the El Paso City not to mention enforcing laws the government city (Mission Statement, n.d). Most important, El Paso mission’s is to partner with other community organization to improve the quality of life for the people of El Paso by addressing their needs collectively.

Current Agenda of the Organization

The El Paso Police department, which is the city’s policing authority, aims at reducing crime and enhancing community relationships. These two agendas are the principal focus of the El Paso police department. The chief of the El Paso police department, Greg Allen, argues that its agenda has helped make the city the safest city in the United States. Nonetheless, the police department seeks to achieve more success than what it has witnessed currently. This way, the police department, hopes to produce proactive policies that will address the issue of crime. Being a large city with more than 600, 000 people, public safety and healthy relationship has become critical to the success of all public organization such as the El Paso Police department (History of the El Paso Police Department, n.d). The El Paso police department thus focuses on promoting safety within the community and instilling positive relationship within the community to promote peaceful coexistence.

Organization’s Interaction with Political Actors

The role of El Paso police department cuts across several spheres of influence and intersects with political actors, as well. As a public organization, the police department works as an organ that implements public policies that aim at enhancing the community not to mentioning address a public concern. The El Paso police department and the city’s political actors have worked together to chart appropriate plans to address various issues in city (Borunda, 2012). In the past, the police department has worked with political actors in a bid to introduce laws that give the department the authority to enforce law and order efficiently. As an illustration, the El Paso department has collaborated with political actors within the city in the introduction of law, which are public policies. These laws have made it possible for the El Paso police department to address various concerns within the target population.

Apart from implementing laws within the city, the El Paso police department has worked with political actors in evaluating the success of public policies. For instance, the El Paso police department conducts periodic evaluation and writes reports on the effectiveness of their actions (Borunda, 2012). It then present this reports to political actors who get to understand the impact of the efforts in producing effective interventions that seek to improve the wellbeing of the community. When need arise, the El Paso police department recommends the introduction of new laws it deems necessary in ameliorating community issues in El Paso

Aim of Organization through Policy Making

Effective implementation of public policy has been the core of the El Paso police department. More than before, the police department has taken part in policy making process by building consensus and formulating proposals necessary at addressing issue facing the people of El Paso. Through the process of policy making, the El Paso police department aims at promoting public good by combating crime and other illegal activities that can endanger the safety of people in El Paso (Borunda, 2012). Most important, the El Paso police departments seeks to realize effective development of policies that present the department with the best opportunity to address social concerns. For instance, the El Paso department has been pushing for the passing of court injunctions, which has helped improving community policing in the city. This has been possible because the police department has taken part in supporting plausible proposal to combat crime and other illegal activities in the city.

How to Maximize the Organization's Policy Performance

El Paso’s police department will improve its service delivery should it maximize on its policy performance. For the department to achieve these goals, the police department must create positive relationships with political actors who will be instrumental in formulating policies that address community issues (Milakovich & Gordon, 2012). Similarly, the police department must enhance its relationship with the public to gain support when advocating for new issues with far reaching effects on the community. In cases where the police department has rolled various policies, carrying out policy reviews and assessment can provide a rationale for improving services delivery through adoption of new policies. Consequently, the police depart must review its policies and develop new strategies to address the need of El Paso city.


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