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Qualitative research is a scientific research method involved in conducting investigation seeking to give answers to some particular questions. It involves having a systematic method being put in place to answer the questions at hand, involves in collecting evidences as well as producing evidences which are not predetermined in any ways as well as generating findings which are not applicable across a number of ranges over the boundaries of the study. Qualitative research seeks to have an understanding of a given research problem or in other words a topic which is based from a perspective of the population in which the research is being conducted. Qualitative research method is the best in obtaining of some of the culturally specific information involving some sort of values, opinions, behaviors as well as the social cortex involving a certain type of a population. There qualitative research method will be best while researching on this topic “Does the consumption of alcohol affect college student’s grades?”(Family Health International, 2004).

One of the reasons why qualitative research method is greatly used is due to its ability of providing a complex description of texts on how people are experiencing a certain issue of research. There while researching on how the consumption of alcohol will affect the grades of students, qualitative research will be able to give a wider elaboration regarding it. A range of information regarding the consumption of alcohol and the students grades will be availed hence enabling more understanding of the issue at hand. Qualitative research methods are able to effectively identify on some intangible factors like the social; social economic status as well as the gender roles which plays a vital role in influencing the outcomes of the research (Family Health International, 2004).

One thing with the qualitative research method is that in spite of having the findings derived from the qualitative data, gaining of a rich as well as a complex understanding especially on the matters of social cortex as well as phenomenon takes the first priority over the eliciting data that can be generalized towards other geographical areas as well as populations. This makes the qualitative research to differ greatly from the scientific research (Peninsula, 2001).

There are three widely used qualitative research methods. These are; participant observation, in-depth interviews as well as the focus groups. Each of these methods is suited in obtaining of particular range of data. In the research on whether the consumption of alcohol affects the grades of college student, these methods will be of great important in establishing the facts on this. Participant observation is qualitative research method which is appropriate in the collection of the data which is naturally occurring especially on its usual contexts. In-depth interviews are a qualitative data collection method best suited in the collecting data especially on the individual personal histories, perspectives as well as on a number of experiences while exploring on very sensitive topics. Focus group is also another type of qualitative research which is quite effective in coming up with data especially concerning the cultural norms of a particular groups (Peninsula, 2001).

One of the key reasons why the qualitative data collection method was chosen to conduct the research was specifically due to its flexibility compared to the quantitative method. Qualitative methods are thus flexible hence allowing a greater spontaneous as well as adaptation of the interaction involving the researcher and the study participants. For instance qualitative research methods generally asks some open ended questions hence giving some freedom to the participants who are able to respond to the questions addressed in their own words. This will therefore suit the research on the consumption of alcohol and how it affects college student’s grades. By applying qualitative research method students will be more willing and ready to give information especially regarding their alcohol consumption and their grades (Deborah 2005).


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