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 Al Ain Dairy farm is a big company, thus it needs proper management in its activities, so as to be successful. In order to be successful, certain management tools and techniques were formulated. The tools have made it successful and now the company is the leader in its production niche. Below presented is the outline, focusing on the main article points. 

The Importance of Control Tools

  • Manage and control the quality of production and service processes
  • Control its everyday revenues and expenses
  • Give a chance of working successfully in markets 

Reasons for the Formation of a Quality Assurance Team

  • In order to get the HACCP certificate
  • Increase their prestige at the home market
  • It led to ‘Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award’ in 2005 and ‘Emirates Quality Mark Award’ in 2009

The Importance of Flow Charts

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  • Assist the staff to work faster and more accurately
  • Explain stages of the production process

Functions of the Gap Analysis

  • Regulate the company’s processes
  • Standardize operations in one way
  • Define the channels of communication

Control the Teams’ Area of Focus

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  • The environmental matters
  • The company’s relationship with the government
  • The social responsibility of the company 

Points to Note on Quality Control of a Company

  • More recognition in the market
  • Better efficiency or production processes
  • Customer reliability
  • Cost savings procedures

The Stages of Production

  • Milking the cow
  • Storage of milk
  • Processing the milk
  • Transport of the finished goods
  • Consumption by the consumers

Factors to Consider in Improving Management

  • Successful realization of gap analysis tools
  • Advancing FMEA ( Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
  • Improving the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the organizational activities

Buy Quality Management Tools and Techniques essay paper online

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