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Yamakazi Mazak is a Japanese company based in the UK. The company is a manufacturing company which is indifferent with other manufacturing companies whose roles are just to manufacture goods and stop at manufacturing (Kentucky, 1990). This company is unique, it involves creativity of its employees in manufacturing and in the sales operation. The company cuts down the cost to its consumers by eliminating middle men who tends to make products expensive for consumers. This is what differentiates this company from other manufacturing companies. The company employs different strategies in marketing, including Human Resource which remains bear for the consumers (Rao, 2004). With this, the company remains employing people, thus, defying the concept of unemployment. Since the time of its launching, the company has had an international outlook by creating inclusion in its employment strategy that has given it an international outlook

Principles of the Organization on Recruitment and Employees

The company has the highest technology in the world. However, it does not bunk on that for the prosperity of the company. Though technology is indispensable in the operation of the company, it holds people in high esteem and especially employees/manpower as the greatest force of production. Because of that importance, the company strive to create the best working environment for its employees. Thus, it is the principle of the organization. Moreover, employees cannot be in the any trade union, because that is the factor that can easily distract the attention and concentration of employees. The first principle of the company is to protect interest of the employees. The company is well aware that comfort of employees is critical to the performance and production of the company that they cannot be taken for granted. The company is always ready to handle employees’ grievances in the most amicable manner unlike any external organization that does not understand the working Philosophy of the Company.

The second principle of the organization is that under all circumstances, the company works without a trade union. This is because the company is set to work in an environment of mutual brotherhood where everybody is free to address his/her problem and it is collectively sorted out in the company. The company is working with the motive of putting all its workers at the lamplight where everyone brings a sense of value to the employers. These principles cultivate the culture of competence and responsibility among the workers.

Strategic Selection

The Yamakazi Mazak Company is a Japanese company that applies the strangest method of recruitment. They adversely go against the universal mode of looking for the most experienced employees. Instead, when the company was at its verge of starting up, the company was looking for young people who were fresh and whose minds had not been corrupted with misconception. The company wanted such people because they had brains that could contain ideas that were pumped into them by the original motives with which the company was founded. Such people were preferred because training them was easy, thus, their mind could develop concepts which were unique to the company. The expectations of the company could not be met if they resorted to hiring people who had been working for other companies. Such people would have preconceived ideas and models of doing things which could result into conflicts in the organization. Additionally, experienced people have history conformity. They are not innovative in their work, due to of their reliance and absolute dependence on trade unions which does thinking for them. The company is against such traditions, for that reason, it hires young people who do not mind of the job security. The company prefers people who can be taught to question things. It needs innovative people who can come up with ideas and those who could not be tamed to agree to terms that are against their belief and strength of productivity. In connection to the recruitment process, the company depends on the recommendations of the employees. They believe that those who are recommended by the employers are more likely to be of reliable competence. However, in line with this, the company is keen to check the productivity and it vets the competency of the proposed candidate. This is the criteria that the company used to choose its employees. Though the inexperienced are the most approved, but of late, the company accepts older people above 40 year of age as long as they show the willingness ability of learning and adapting to new concepts (Roberts, 2000).

With the maturity of the organization come other strategies of recruitments though the original modes are not fully discarded. The company considers one conduct from the previous work place. That method of finding out about an employee’s background helps the organization to find out the intra and the inter-personal relationship skills. To be hired, they must pass through the psychometric test. It is significant because as it helps in pre-determining somebody’s competency. The interviews are also designed in a manner that when one qualifies for a job, his/her self esteem is boosted thus making one to feel competent and qualified for the job (Diamond, & Diamond, 2010). Employees have to pass through two stages, the first is done by the personnel and the second by the team leader or the supervisor.

Operations of the Company

The company has various modes of operation, which concentrate on productivity by focusing on the welfare of the employees. First, the employees are well remunerated for the quality of work that they perform. This goes in line with the quality of work that one does in the company. The quality is determined by how somebody works in the team how innovative one is (Deeprose, 2006). A good team member is someone who has positive influence on other; one who follow rules, and one who is open for training, and learning. Usually team leaders are promoted for the managerial position because of their skills. This is one way through which the company appreciates the good work done by technical personnel. Team leaders do not necessarily need to be the most qualified in the team where they manage.. They are people who have technical skills and ability to work with people. People who have skills of working with different people and those who can influence others to be productive in their working endeavours often get promoted within the company. Not everybody can get promotion, but the company is sensitive to reward every employee who shows some level of productivity annually. The company also has a policy of promoting its own employees in the key and technical positions as opposed to hiring others externally. This is because of the company’s paternalistic nature and trust of its own. The company trusts its employees who have known the operations of the company. They often meet with other organizations to train its personnel in readiness of developing the skills that the company may be in the need of. Because of the concern and the value the company attach to its employees, the company always maintain the salary of its employees even when performance drops. The company always takes the responsibility of any drop of output without hedging blames on individuals (Hiam, 1999). Though the company does internal recruitment for promotions, the company in its essence employs new, international people. This is done depending on the competency of the individual, and also as a means of allowing variety of personnel in the company.

The company’s major is team work and it is through this ground that appraisals are earned. One must always be willing to guide and to be guided. Such sense of humility at work has always seen the company through its productivity at all levels. The company believes in self-discipline, every employee is expected always to hold accountability for their actions.. When one feels incompetence in the position he possesses, the tradition of the company is to let this person to step down and allow other enough competent individual to acquire that position.(Haak, 2004). Besides, the company takes care of such a person by finding a suitable position for him. In relation to such discipline where one would willingly step down, there are a group of people who must be controlled. The organization has also developed mechanisms that help in ensuring that people are controlled in the manner in which they do things. Common sense is the policy when it comes to management-employees relation, but not to uniform, therefore, workers are often guided in line of their duties for the good of the company (Billsberry, 2007).


Yamakazi Mazak Company is one of the best running companies. It has unique recruitment strategies and one of the best policies of operations. Its principles of employment and employees welfare are motivating factors that boost productivity. The dualism of the company enables it to be an avenue of job creation. Employees’ treatment ranks it to be best company with the employees’ treatment and motivation mechanism. 


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