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Firms oftentimes find themselves in situations, where more employees are required to perform all the tasks. Employees are hired for various functions. These include filling in new positions, occupying positions that have been left vacant through promotion, death, retirement and even sacking of employees. The process of recruitment and selection of employees can be very tedious for a firm. There are several recruitment firms that offer their services to solve the problem above. This paper supports the idea that the use of recruitment agencies is a great trend for the future. This opinion is opposed to many specialists that describe recruitment agencies as inadequate for effective selection and recruitment of the suitable occupants for vacant positions. While a recruitment process can be tedious for individual firms, many firms lack the experience of selecting the most suitable occupants for the vacant positions. Additionally, it may lack access to a large pool of talented and highly qualified individuals that recruitment agencies have access to. Furthermore, a firm needs to continue with other human resource activities, while leaving experts to do the recruitment. Recruitment agencies have gained a wide experience over time, and hence deliver high quality services to firms.

One of the most crucial objectives that are met by recruitment agency for a given firm is that they save a great deal of management time; for this reason, most firms will prefer to engage the employment agency. A lot of planning work needs to be performed by the company and the human resource department. The implementation work of recruitment is also very demanding for the human resource management that usually have many activities to engage in on daily basis. The management has to analyze the activities to be performed by the potential employees (Roberts & Institute of Personnel and Development, 2005). The location of a potential employee in the management’s structure and the chain of command has to be established in order to draw a job description. This is followed by the methods’ formulation to inform the public.

We can draw a conclusion that the process of recruitment is demanding and engaging. In most cases, the management has to constitute a panel for conducting face to face interview and close examination of the applicants. The panel, at the end of the day has to reduce the whole list of applicants to very few suitable people through the process of short listing. These and other processes become very demanding, given that the firm has to continue working and managing other employees. For instance, the human resource team, in addition to carrying out these daunting tasks, has to continue serving the existing employees through motivating them, carrying out performance appraisals, and remunerations among others. This can become very challenging. For this reason, recruitment agencies should be given this task. They have experience and are also specialized. It helps them to achieve the objective of getting new employees easily and efficiently.

The human resource department may also spend a significant amount of time previewing and reviewing curriculum vitae presented by jobseekers. This can lead to loss of a great deal of time. Sometimes, hundreds, if not thousands, of curriculum vitae may be sent monthly. Through the use of employment agencies, time wastage is avoided, as this responsibility is passed to them. Other services that demand managements’ attentions are also passed to the recruitment agency. These include the review of jobseeker’s document and administration of interviews to successful applicants.

In some cases, the management may embark on the process of recruitment only to realize that they do not get the best individual for the job. This can be very frustrating. Considering the amount of managerial work and time that has been put in this process, it becomes very discouraging to the human resource managers. Additionally, this comes with a huge financial loss. It also means that the process will be repeated in the future, spending more money and wasting even more management time. To protect firms from going into these depths of desperation and waste of crucial resources, an employment agency should sort. In most cases, the financial cost of this is found to be justifiable and the chance of getting a highly competent person is high. Due to their experience, rarely do they (employment agencies) have to repeat the recruitment procedures. They carry out their research and preparations well to ensure that they get the right people in the first time. Additionally, statutory rules exist, past the cost of any extra expenses incurred to the agency, especially if it results from their poor preparation.

As pointed out in the introduction, the recruitment agencies have a wide pool of potential employees. Due to their nature and activities, they advertise themselves overtime and sometimes can be viewed as the major source of employment. With this variety, comes a wide range of qualification and wide choice. Due to their strict selection criteria, the best of talents, as well as the best qualified people, get the chance. This translates to higher profits for firms, as highly trained persons are capable of increasing the productivity of a firm.

This is unlikely when a firm offers to recruit itself. Due to the few times that firms perform recruitment, most of the people charged with recruitment lack a wide range of experience. Additionally, firms do not attract a large number of applicants, as employment agencies do. This reduces the variety available for firms to choose from. Due to this, firms deny themselves of an opportunity to get the best employees to fit their vacant positions (Recruitment and selection, 1985).

Secondly, only few people may know about the existence of a given firm. That means that only a few will have aspirations to work for that specific firm. On the other hand, recruitment agencies ensure that they are well known to the public. Jobseekers keep themselves posted and are always on the lookout for any jobs that may be advertised by the agencies. This makes any advertisement they place for jobs to have hundreds or even thousands of applicants. It happens that the number of people that are attracted by recruitment agencies are higher than any advertisement placed by a firm. This has the advantage as above in that it offers a wide variety which allows for selection of the best suited individuals.

The system of using recruitment agencies is mostly recognized by contractors and organizations. Most contractors in the UK accept and recognize this system. This is also the case in the US. Many firms and some governmental agencies are choosing this procedure because it becomes formal than when done between firms and individuals.

Thirdly, employees take a long time to settle in new jobs, especially when employed in the traditional way. Some firms do not clarify matters of payments to their employees, while others do not disclose how much an employee will be earning. Such details complicate the process of settling down in a firm. This also increases the period, during which the acquired employees reconcile their expectations and the reality in the new job. This is not the case when the employment agency is involved. The recruitment process in a company can be very tedious.

The sequential functions of human resources involve a lot of activities, as discussed earlier. In addition, the human resource department will often have many activities to engage in. Such may include retirement, issues of remuneration, and firing among others. Due to a wide range of activities in their job, it is often possible for them to leave out some important details during the process of advertisement. Crucial details, such as where the employee will ultimately work, the positions being applied for and the rate of payment are often left out. This is another reason why employment agencies become important.

The recruitment agencies will rarely, if ever, leave out important details. For this reason, the potential employee comes prepared in all aspects. They (employees) are well versed with the location, where they will work, in case they are successful. Other matters, such as the post they are applying for and the job descriptions are also well laid out. They also ensure that they inquire the rate and advertise it to the potential employees. This is opposed to many firms’ tendencies that leave the pay section to be discussed by the employee after he or she is employed. When an agency is used, the prospects come prepared, as they understand the much they will earn. With all this information in mind, the employee becomes prepared psychologically. This has been shown to drastically reduce the time employees will take to settle down.

One of the greatest reason for corruption and other malpractices in an organization are occasioned by acquisition of employees through irregular means. In some cases, recruiting managers are tempted to hire or recruit their friends and relatives, enabling themselves to compromise company procedures for their own good. Various methods have been brought forward to cub this but most of them have not been effective. Employment of staff without exercising any form of partiality can only be achieved through the use of recruitment agencies. Through the use of agencies, vices, such as nepotism, tribalism and even racism have been overcome in the process of recruitment. In most cases, the employment agencies usually select the best without taking into consideration other aspects. People are only selected on the basis of merit and chances of compromising this process are minimal.

On the other hand, many people have aired their views, discouraging the use of employment agencies. Some of them have brought forward various forms of argument, as to why they think that recruitment agencies do not offer a suitable substitute to the traditional mode of recruitment used by firms (Elearn Ltd, 2005).

While these arguments are ostensibly not comprehensive, they also fail to reorganize the failures of the traditional system. Furthermore, they also fail to reflect on the modern dynamics of sequential recruitment, its complexity and its time demands to the already overstretched human resource department. In the olden days, the responsibilities of human resource department could be seen as just hiring and firing the employees. Other activities that this department was dealing with, were issues of employee retirement and promotion among others. Today, the responsibilities of this department have swollen to include all aspects that increase the productivity of human beings as capital. Such include training, employee motivation, and team building among others.

Due to these activities, it is more economically beneficial, in terms of time to allow agencies to perform the task of the recruitment, while the human resource personnel engages in other activities. This breaks down the recruitment process into steps. The process of determining the number of people needed by the organization is performed by the firm. Additionally, drawing of the job description is done by human resources specialist within a firm, however; going to the field to search for employees can be tedious. The process referred to as ‘head hunt’ for firms can be expensive and time consuming.

Alternatively, various methods have been utilized in the past. One on them involves getting employees from other organizations, which possesses the desired personal organizational attributes. This process does not provide the best results and could be expensive. Many employees cannot move from one firm to another, unless the pay is increased substantially. In addition, some of these people can refuse to move all together. The other process through which a firm can obtain employees includes a firm getting directly involved in the employment. These processes are greatly lacking, compared to the use of employment agencies.

Another group of people has in the past argued that firms loose their loyalty when they use employment agencies to recruit their employees. This has been proven to be misleading. In most cases, the brands that a firm produces are the ones that earn a firm loyalty from consumers. In most cases, consumers develop loyalty to brands that firms produce. Even the provision of employment to the people has not been listed as a form of public relations in most of research work done. Consumers may only identify with a firm due to the corporate social responsibilities or other public relation activities. For this reason, it can be concluded that the public does not consider the sequential human resource function, while awarding a firm with their loyalty.

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Other people argue that the employment agencies do not care about the development of the employees, especially if they are hired to train them after the recruitment. They argue further that this is because the employees will ultimately work in other firms. A careful analysis of this discloses that it cannot be supported, using the laws of demand and supply. Employment agencies are in business; therefore, they try to be very competitive to avoid being thrown out of the market. For this reason, they have trained their employees to offer the best of services so, that they can have more clients.

This should also not worry the employees who wish to develop their skills, as many firms train their employees several times during their time of service, even after they have been trained by the employments agencies. Firms do this in order to raise the level of skill among their employees and to motivate them.

Some managers claim that it takes a long time to observe and get to know the employees hired by employments agencies. Some of them proceed to say that they start the process of learning about their employees during face to face interviews. However, it is known that the interview time is not enough for the panel to closely examine their interviewees. For this reason, there is no significant difference between the employees hired by the employment agency and the ones recruited by the firm in the above respect. On the contrary, it has been complained that the close interaction between the employees and human resource managers could lead to the development of a personal, rather that professional relationship. This has a very high capacity to disrupt the work relationship that should exist between these two parties. Using the agency to recruit employees helps to define to some extent the terms of relationship and makes the process to be taken professionally.

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Additionally, the employment agencies pass the jobseekers through a battery of test to ensure that they are fit for the position described. As discussed earlier, the employment agencies are businesses that need to develop and grow. Most of them use any opportunity they have to develop cutting edge assortment of tests and training programs for them to offer competitive products. The person recruited by employment agencies are very competent, as they are usually trained how to transit quickly and introduce themselves fully to the human resource managers or the entrepreneurs. This ensures that these two parties can understand each other easily.

Consecutive human resource managers argue that personal touch is very important in selecting a suitable person, especially when the job produced require a personal touch. However, personal touch can be very subjective. The only way to make it objective is defining it in words and tern that can be understood by a third party. This age requires that human resources managers are objective and can put down their understanding in gradable terms. This can be crucial to human resource managers. Additionally, nit can have importance in making the product to be suitable in objective, rather than subjective term.

The greatest challenge that limits the use of recruitment agencies is the belief that they are very expensive and only affordable to large firms. This is a misconception, as there are small agencies that cater for small firms. Additionally, the large agencies have their prices structured to cater for all classes of firms and jobseekers. After all, the services that each firm receives are worth the cost. It is a wrong mentality to believe that small firms should not receive quality services. Small firms need to grow, as the big ones. Small firms are disadvantaged by the larger ones and hence, a need to boost their growth with innovative products in the market is justified. Such services include an opportunity to obtain the best, in terms of human capital trough professional selection (Chartered Management Institute, 2004).

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While maintaining a close relationship with the employees is very crucial for success in small firms, this relationship is even better when it is made in the most professional way possible. The management and motivation of these employees is the most important factor for firms’ success. It is also important to note that people perform according to their academic and personal abilities. Whether a person is very close to the management is not consequential. It is, therefore, important to select the best possible workforce and, hence manage them in the best way. The human resource specialists should not feel like some of their responsibilities have been lost. They have a lot to do in a busy, modern environment. Their responsibility in the modern corporate environment has increased dramatically. They may lack time to articulate advertisement, conduct face to face interviews and proceed to train the employees.

As discussed earlier, there are various processes through which employees can be obtained. They include acquisition of employees from other organization. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The other method of achieving this includes firms getting to the whole recruitment procedure, including receiving the applications from job seekers and conducting face to face interviews. As seen earlier, this takes a lot of management time and may take longer than expected. In addition, it lacks the capacity to select from the best, as the number of people accessed for such a procedure is usually limited.

The third method of acquiring employees from external sources is through the use of recruitment agency. This method begins as the ordinary recruitment, but after the firm has drawn job descriptions for the employees, the process is left to recruitment agency.

This process is being utilized by the most successful firms, as it has the capacity to produce excellent results. This system has a great potential to improve growth of firms. As seen above, this method is crucial and produces great resources. It, therefore, remains the most important mode of acquisition of competitive employees to meet organizational growth and development.


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