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Motivating factors within the work place tend to affect overall business performance for most companies around the world. These factors apply to all types of businesses because any business entirely depends on human dynamics and emotions within groups. Employers need to appreciate employees for well performed job. Such kind of motivator will recognize the type of effort that has contributed to business functions by each individual in the organization. Another great motivator is enabling adequate information to share among staff members so that they are aware about developing company matters. This will position them into benefiting from business transactions. Employees will be motivated only if the management shows an understanding attitude. This majorly affects the way conflicts and communications of new procedures are handled.

Other motivational factors include job security, good wages and career advancement opportunities. Economic conditions around the world are so unfair to many individuals that it is necessary to adjust employee wages. This will ensure that employees earn such amounts that are sufficient for their needs. The following actions will promote peaceful contribution in the workplace because the levels of stress will definitely lower. Other employees will want to design ways of doing work, and companies need to adjust their structures so that they enable informal groups to exist within the organization. Working in teams is now one way of minimizing supervision costs, and companies need to embrace and do their best in improving them. This will ensure that management creates loyalty and a sense of unity within the company and across its departments.

Sony Corporation is a company, which originates from Japan. The company has Japanese culture and currently is among one of those transnational media companies, which deal in information and exchange products all over the world. This company has gone through a historic growth since the World War II. Its founder had a very brilliant objective that ought to benefit many people. Today Sony Corporation is composed of the number of employees from various backgrounds across the world. Regional offices have enabled this company to have diverse groups of employees. The management for this company offers interesting work for all the employees. Inventions and innovations are greatly rewarded because the company’s managemenr is aware that employees are the immediate users of company’s products. The management also has an understanding attitude that keeps many employees positive in their jobs. Since it is an international company, there is a diverse cultural setting in this company (Tang, Misra, & Shanholf, 2012).

Employees in the Japanese branch have totally different working conditions that suit them. The management also trains its staff so that it makes them future leaders within the same firm. This can be seen in the current CEO who is not of Japanese origin. This company can improve its productivity to a great extent by exploring more on other recent motivational factors. Living conditions ever change in the society and employers need to go for more information that can be used to improve the working conditions among its employees. Employers can use tactful discipline to improve the workplace conditions.

Sony Corporation values existence of diverse cultures in its business environment. Diverse groupings will exist within this company forever because it deals with a large number of consumers. The company has enabled its employees to enjoy cultures of each country in the region. However, training and development is applied across this company so that all the employees qualify for those positions that arise within the company (Berrak, Mazen, Hiep, Douglas & Rafik, 2000). Adequate communication strategies keep employees informed and updated. This also aims to prove that the company has got more in the future for them and that such job security will never be a problem.


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