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Literature Review

Risk assessment has played a significant role in developing the theories of compliance and enforcement of actions and activities in the workplace. With the development of risk-utility model by Morgenstern (2010) and its application to workplace safety can be attainable. Workplace safety research has taken essential steps in modeling and verifying the role played by risk assessment in corresponding with decisions, particularly in respect of conformity with regulatory policies regarding workplace safety.

According to Anderson (2012), workplace safety is a due responsibility of management to find ways of handling the safety concerns of in order to keep the workplace or organization in a favorable environment.  Managers should be aware the best policies that can be applied to reduce risk causing factors in the work place.

Burton (2011) notes that employee’s safety in the workplace in a combined result of the workers attitude to the work place and what the workplace does to employees when they are in that the working environment. The employees have control of the work place and on the same way have the influence to determine the best practices that can be used to eliminate hazards. In the workplace, it is possible that a holistic approach to workers safety by addressing multiple levels of influence that may include organizational, environmental and interpersonal factors that may arise impacts caused by reduced safety (Tuten, 2010).

Safety in the work place is aligned to positive attributes such as reduced absenteeism; programs that are targeted to reduce risks from taking place in the workplace have shown results of reduced rate of absent staff. Reduced rates of accidents have also been one of the impacts that are related to causing harm to the employees (Berdal, 2005). 

Research has been conducted over years stating the ways and means of reducing risk in the workplace but not enough has been done to make sure that workplaces are totally out of risk. According to a research conducted by Rgeba the number of risks in the workplace will increase as years advances since the Human races also changes each day coming up with different causes or triggers of risks. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to conduct enough research in a continuous manner so as equip the world with the latest information and solutions in workplace safety.  For an organization to be able to maximize the ways that it can be able to reduce the risk in the workplace measures have to be undertaken to make sure that proper risk assessment tools and prior to job commencements (Burton, 2011).

The review of literature provided addresses the use of proper and highly skilled risk assessment measures that can be able to reduce risks of specified workplace. Though, the literature addresses that the differences in the workplace environment also matters a lot in determining the type of risk assessment measure to use in organizations. Despite all the efforts that can be addressed by the risk assessment team within the organization, it is the due responsibility of the managers to offer relevant and conducive environment to its staff so as to reduce the rate of risk spread within an organization (Tuten, 2010).


The review of literature provided explains that for a workplace to undertake its functions effectively then risks should be reduced. So as, to reduce these risks, risk assessment tools and measures should be addressed using better risk assessment tools. Though risk assessments tools are vital in preventing accidents in the work place, particular consideration should be addressed to the changing nature of risks as time passes.  The literature proofs that the stipulated hypothesis in this paper can be verified and can be considered as valid hypothesis to be verified, but immense work should be taken into account to when determining analysis to be used in the evaluation.


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