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Located in New York, University of Rochester is well known for its research programs in many fields. A private institution, it offers degree programs in it six institutions. It is a home to Rochester Early Medical School Program. In this essay, the idea is to explore a faculty member known as Per-Lennart Westesson Rochester Early Medical Scholar. The essay will focus on how enjoyable it would be to work with this gentleman.

Dr. Westesson has several awards to his credit. In one year alone, that is 2007, he received four awards and honors ranging from certificates of merits, Magna Cum Laude Award among others. Going by these, it is evident that he is not only talented and experienced but he is also a very hardworking man. His mastery in the field of radiology cannot be outdone by men of his age. He has been in this field for the last twenty years and he can be said to be among the pioneers in this school.

The reason as to why I would enjoy working with him is because of the way he assists students in carrying out research in the field of radiology. He has carried out research successfully which has earned him membership in the academy of sciences some of the top honors a medical expert can get. Being a learned medical professor, he is a man who can face extraordinary challenges making one to get hardened. His dedication to research can easily influence one to learning a lot of things from this respected man. In fact, going by this generation, not many can reach his standard. Another reason altogether is that, he can make a very good mentor which is a requirement in all fields of medicine. Having worked for all those years, Dr. Westesson is still an active member in this faculty and a classic role model to young students. I strongly believe that, if I work with him the little knowledge I have will be maximized with time.


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