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Saxton Bradley Inc is a company based in Renton, WA. It is a primary partner in K-12, to provide research, laboratory, and a partner of commercial firms in providing fixtures, furniture, and technology products in the market. The products offered by the firm are eco-friendly, innovative, and durable, which; meet budget and aesthetic objectives of its clients. The company is dedicated to making difference in the society by supporting education, through its annual sponsorship programs. SBI wants to expand and operate its business in Germany. The paper will look into IHRM strategies of the firm, and its management policies in the new business environment.

The aspect of globalization has compelled many industries to undertake businesses internationally to gain competitive advantages and become significant contributors in maximizing organizational operations. SBI must adopt IHRM policies that will enable the company to operate effectively in Germany, where the firm wants to invest. Therefore, SBI’s principal objective that they need to engender in its HRM policies is to make sure that they undertake various activities that will promote its IHRM policies to in use in Germany. These activities comprise of reward and performance management, sourcing, product development, HR planning, employee communications and involvement; and recruiting of its employees. These activities need to be coordinated across both in Germany and at home country, and take into account the different needs of business in Germany (Harzing& Ruysseveldt, 2008).

The SBI’s managers should undertake study on the prevailing employee situations in Germany to make sure the international process succeeds. The study should focus on establishing criteria that will be employed in hiring the employees to undertake the company’s business. This is very crucial because it will allow managers to develop and implement HRM policies that will be beneficial to the company and meet the needs of the employees in Germany (Harzing& Ruysseveldt, 2008).

The IHRM implementers and managers must ascertain the extent to which HRM policies and strategies must be localized to be in line with Germany’s HRM policies. The HRM policies should lie with the boundary of SBI’s strategies and policies. This will ensure that the company’s operations are within the range of its operations. Furthermore, through its HRM managers, SBI must appraise the degree to which the local cultural, economic, social, legal and political factors will invade on any approaches undertaken to employ standardized HR policies whereby integration is an essential factor in company’s HRM strategy.

The company should ensure that they adopt policies and systems that will allow the company to undertake computerized global database on human resources, by integrating the various systems within the company. Global computerized systems will enable the company to meet the company’s HRM needs in a cost-effective manner as opposed to paperwork. SBI must work with senior management of the company who has vast knowledge on management issues, based on internationalization. The senior management team will develop IHRM policies based on available competencies among its employees, needed to attain global organizational objectives. The company should ensure that the national HR and line managers work together to create IHRM policies and practices in the essential areas of development, sourcing, and reward that will engender a transitional mindset with the company.

This means that there is the need for the company’s managers to interpret international organization’s strategies and create effective practices and policies in Germany that support company’s HRM needs. The managers should also develop strategies that will enable them meet the needs of employees. They should accepts standards in recruiting and promoting employees within the company and develop ways of motivating these employees. This will allow the company to implement successfully its IHRM policies in Germany (Harzing & Ruysseveldt, 2008).


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