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The authors of the article criticize the quality of education in public schools. They state that these schools are the part of socialism and that is why they have a lot of weak points. It would be better to privatize public schools, as the government do not know how to make them function more effectively. There are several arguments in the article proving the authors’ negative point of view on the government’s inability to rule public schools. The first one is that no investment strategies helped the government to improve the level of education and its quality. Moreover, the subsidy of schools given by the government does not provide the system of education with enough level of freedom. The effect is opposite as this action leads to the strengthening of educational socialism.

It should be noted that the system of governmental education is funded by common Americans. In fact, they are made to pay money for educating of other people’s sons and daughters. The state is sure that it knows better how and what subjects to teach students at schools. Parents or any other people interested in this issue have no opportunity to voice their point of view on educating children. It seems that every child has to learn everything the school suggests, no matter what he/she wants to study there. In this case education reminds of some compulsory institution that makes everybody obey its rules. In fact, school is a powerful tool for those who know how to use it, as here a child is programmed to know just the things he/she needs to know about economy, policy, and the contemporary society.

Public education is not effective as it has much in common with all other programs that are “fuelled by coercion rather than by the free market” (Rome 2006). At the moment, schools depend upon the market as it helps to get funds for normal functioning. The youth fails to get a proper education with the help of the government. According to statistics, very few seniors in the United States are proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics. School vouchers are not the best way out of this state of educational system. The latter do not take finance from public schools and cannot prevent the increase of administration costs. These factors may become the causes of choosing private schools instead of public. So, school vouchers are not a good policy for the system of education. They raise the level of government’s invasion in parental everyday life. Moreover, they may influence private schools negatively. The solution of the problem suggested by Rothbard is represented in four steps: 1) cutting the budgets suggested to public schools; 2) minimizing the taxes for people to be less dependent on public education; 3) stopping all the regulations in private education, and 4) strengthening parental control of public schools.

Implications for Education

The article under consideration is useful for both educators and parents. It proves the necessity to make changes in the system of education and to control this sphere better. The authors of the article show the truth about public schools and suggest the best ways to solve the problem. Therefore, this article is not just some information about the challenges in education; it may be used as a guide for those who shall decide to improve the policy of public schools. The article may provide parents with some significant information about funds, voucher programs, and governmental policy concerning schools. The text may be applied by those who are going to research this problem. It can become a good basis for a new research.

My Opinion

I agree with the authors of the article under consideration that education does not function in a proper way because of governmental poor regulation. In fact, the contemporary education does not give the youth an opportunity to learn the things they really need in everyday life. They are just forced to study the subjects they will forget after passing exams. From my perspective, education needs reforming, and everyone should be taught how to survive in the contemporary world. This information is much more important than any other subject. Students should be explained why they are taught a particular subject. Otherwise, there would be no progress.

I think that every person should be informed about the quality of public education and governmental influence on it. Every parent must control the things his/her child is taught at school. To my mind, public negligence is the major reason for governmental socialism in education. It will be minimized if the public demonstrates its dissatisfaction with the quality of education. The funds should also be minimized and every person must get an opportunity to choose where to study – in a public or private school. There is no use of voucher programs as they are not objective. So, it is better to abolish them and use finance to improve learning conditions in every school. I think that education is the most important sphere in our society. That is why the government should do everything possible to make it perfect. This can be done only without socialism, of course.


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