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Free «Social Security Does Not Solve America’s Income Problem» Essay Sample

The author of the article remarks that Social Security is indeed social insecurity because it has only made income problems worsen instead of addressing the disparities. The original basis of the Social Security fund was to bridge the developmental gap and social conditions among citizens by providing certain benefits. However, this started off on a wrong footing as the slickest devices at Madison Avenue decided to create a scheme that would be used to achieve other aspects. Indeed, the original aim was to offer subsidies and not benefits as suggested in the plan for establishing social security. For more than 75 years, the fund has been badly mismanaged because there are no critical milestones to showcase the progressive development and utilization of the Social Security fund. Some of the reasons leading to mismanagement include processing of early claims and low rates set by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Reading this article has widened my scope regarding Social Security, especially the manner in which many Americans have taken advantage of the system to meet their own needs. Indeed, interpreting Social Security as a benefit is a wrong approach in addressing people’s income. Hence, there is need for people to look for economically sustainable ways of making a living instead of using the funds as a scapegoat. For example, it is better for people to make plans adequately based on their current earnings, and while doing this, they should not consider the Social Security fund in the sum. In fact, the Social Security fund should be considered as a last means when there are no more alternatives. Thus, in order to safeguard future earnings, Americans need to assess their spending patterns so that their budgets do not surpass their earning potential.


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