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Organizations have to ensure that whatever they are doing or about to do have totally backed their productivity as the main perspective of every organization deals on the same thing in total (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006). In order to effectively do the same, organizations have to take different things and provisions into consideration, referred as strategies (Charles & Jones, 2007).

Organization has been referred to a place in which people belong to different demographics and mindset usually work together in order to achieve the desirable and pre-specified goal (Charles & Jones, 2007). An organization has to look forward to meet with the responsibilities of its different users which predominantly are shareholders, customers, government officials and off course employees (Charles & Jones, 2007).  Socialism is a thing that can be found in almost every thimg.

The purpose of this chapter is to help people learn the social work potential factors, so that they are able to effectively serve our customers as a professional social worker, by observing the work of a social worker observed several. In the following cases, we can observe a social worker dealing with the activities of suspected child abuse or neglect. An example may be just a beginning level social worker, in the probation offices, nursing homes, residential centers, mental health centers, homeless shelters, or in many other settings. However, child welfare is the most common starting ground for a new one of the social workers. In the light of this case reflects the legend Bob Pla who was an advanced social worker.

In accordance with NASW, the Social work is a way to provide services, professional social workers to assess the needs of the client and the client's family, at the appropriate time, and arrange, coordinate, monitor, evaluate, and advocate for a pack of a variety of services to satisfy the complex needs of the particular customer. Professional social workers are major supplier of social work case management. Case is different from other forms of management, social work case management to solve a single client, biological, psychological state, and the country's social system, in this case, the management and operation. Social work case management, in essence, is the micro-and macro-client and system-level intervention. It requires social workers to develop and maintain a therapeutic relationship with customers, which may be connected to the client system, provided that he or she needs services, resources and opportunities. Services provided under the name of the practice of social work case management may be located in a single institution, or may be spread across many agencies or organizations.

Whereas, the definition of clinical social work that was passed by NASW reveals that the clinical social work consist of such kind of practices includes practice of individuals, families and small groups of social and psychological features, enhancements, and maintenance goals. Clinical social work practice is a psychological dysfunction, disability, or damage, including professional application of social work theory and methods in the treatment and prevention of emotional and mental disorders. It is in the social and psychological aspects of human development, one or more of the theoretical knowledge based on.

Bob Pla had accepted rational approach that rooted in numerous scenarios and restructured to transmit the imperative concepts, the basic theory of acts of violence and murder and multiple micro and macro role in resolving this issue through state-of-the-art social workers through which it has been reflected the social and administrative effort of Bob plan who was an advanced generalist social workers, and other experience Professor of Social Work BSW students working under the supervision of the development of a position paper on the death penalty and the execution of women.

Bob Pla had been an executive director in the human service agency named as Olas Family Services Agency and working since 4 years. Bob Pla was very much confident towards the skills and competency of the staff that comprised of 10 clinical social workers with MSW certification, 4 NSW social workers, one part time psychiatrist and remaining 5 workers were clerical and administrative (Rachev, & Fabozi, 2009). The primary purpose of Olas family service agency is intent to assist those person who are unable to help themselves. The agency provide assistance either individual or communities to play a role as effectively as possible in the main areas of life. In this agency, there is a strong desire to help others is an important factor to consider is the work of human service workers. Demonstrate patience, understanding and care they attach great importance to exchanges with other people's employers. Other important personal characteristics, including communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, and the ability to manage time effectively.

The core competencies which the Bob Pla has been taken in order to perform his role within the case consist of:

  • The practical task of the immediate staff and agencies
  • Direct practice task for family and schools (Rachev, & Fabozi, 2009)
  • Indirect and prevention measures task

Now, the most important direct and indirect competencies that Bob Pla has considered while performing his work includes:

Direct competency:

  • Bob Pla comprehensively set up the consultation regarding clinical and mental health towards the students, their families and school administration/staff duly needed and provide clinical facilities to infected family.
  • Provide services to the murderer incase of any request stipulate by them and their family.

These are the main direct competency points that Bob Pla has been selected for identified the importance of a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the part of the client process. While, it also greatly assesses them to find out the awareness that continue to find, evaluate, and attended the importance of changing the social environment.

Indirect Competency:

  • Bob Pla conduct meeting with media and persuade them to hold calm element and brief coverage in order to avoid the dramatic, sensational report sobering fear, anger, anxiety, hysteria society.
  • Strongly emphasized in creating a multi-disciplinary, multi-national task force investigating the reasons of school violence, and to make recommendations for the prevention of such incidents (Rachev, & Fabozi, 2009).

The purpose of choosing foremost competencies among all indirect competency is for better Understanding of cultural structure in the extent to which the oppression, exclusion and alienation of certain racial and ethnic groups.

Identify one value conflict OR ethical issue Bob Pla appeared to experience in this case situation. Critique his handling of that conflict or issue.

Social work profession's moral responsibility to promote the general welfare of society, and in response to the country's huge need for new and existing knowledge to advance the understanding of violence and murder, it becomes necessary, Ms. Gomezallowed to live in order to achieve this goal, the scientists to assist in the social and spiritual. This tragic case presented a unique opportunity to promote our current knowledge of the nature and nurture debate, the relationship between the United States and Mexican culture. Gomez case on behalf of five generations of genetic vulnerability to addiction in a family, from great-grandparents and including Ms. Gomez's two children. Too easy access to guns violence Anglo-American cultural background, genetic vulnerability to alcoholism and drug abuse, the coexistence of many young women with similar characteristics to be transformed into agents of violence and homicide. The Gomes Ms. may be just a woman "vanguard" in this regard.

Ms. Gomez intelligence and verbal ability, in this case, we can also learn about the process of early adolescent decision-making lead to troubled young people to choose a bunch of street addicts group or become a "loner specific point , "criminals, homeless, runaway youths, or some other alternative (Rachev, & Fabozi, 2009). All of this information is a valuable social identify truly high-risk young people and their families, to prevent excessive violent crime, whether it is young women or young men. Enough research data, records of serious emotional impact of immediate family members, there is a suicide in the family. This effect to every member of the family in the risk of suicide is very high, because in a period of depression, they are often determined by the family of the victim "solutions"

Social workers must build cultural competence to serve people of different backgrounds in culturally diverse communities. Give 2-3 examples of how the social worker, Bob Pla, recognized the role of culture and cultural influences.

These are some competences,

Focused on gun control as the key indirect service issue

Used an eco-systems model to give depth to his assessment of Ms. Gomez

Primarily worked as an individual social worker

Used his biological training to medicate Ms. Gomez

Relied on his ability to use psychological testing instruments


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