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The analyzed video shows two Asian American girls rapping about their culture and ethnicity. They aggressively emphasize that there is much more to their culture than some pop elements, such as kung fu and Asian-style tattoos. They set a clear distinction between being an Asian and just absorbing some cultural elements. Thus, this video emphasizes not only the concept of dual thinking, but also the idea of new Asian American mentality, a different, modern form of being an Asian American.

The dual method of thinking is clearly seen throughout the performance, as the women set a definite distinction between ‘them’, Asian Americans, and the rest of the world. This distinction is very clear and aggressive. . Lowe defines this sameness as a part of the binary thinking construct. Therefore language, history and culture are perceived as something that belongs only to this group and creates a common background for all Asian Americans.

What is interesting, the performers unite all Asian Americans despite their origin, ethnicity, age etc. It is another danger of binary thinking, which Lowe warns about. Even though the first time they referred only to women and the second time – to their age, in general such attitude is considered as unification in terms of belonging to the ‘Asian’ population of America. As it was already emphasized in Lowe’s article, such approach is a result of the duality of thinking and is its’ inevitable part.

Finally, the performance has a strong emphasis on the new kind of an Asian American person. The two female performers are totally different from the traditional idea of a silent and modest oriental woman. Therefore ethnicity is not a static concept, as it is emphasized in Lowe’s work. It changes with time and the performance of the two Asian American women shows that although they have moved away from traditional perceptions, at the same time they still value their ethnicity, culture and heritage.


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