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Violence in our society

Thesis statement

Drum beats of war have continued to sound over time and has led to research, is violence inevitable? The paper will explore the causes of the violent nature of human beings since time immemorial.

Many people believe that violence is an effective method of ushering chang. In other words, they believe that the end justify the means. According to Rodriguez (1999), people choose violence after a long deliberation, hence, getting the feeling that they do not have a choice. In many cases, people choose violent tactics in case they consider in to the exclusion of all, such as the Abortion clinic bombers of the Animal Liberation Front. Notably, this violence was a result of social and political injustice and people chose it as a way correcting injustice and defending their rights (Heather Whipps, 2006). For instance, the Zionist, who bombed the British felt they have to do so to create a sovereign Jewish state. Additionally, Osama Bin Laden declared war on America on grounds that the United States of America presence in Saudi Arabia stand for an abomination to the Islam religion. 

Inherently, the violent personality of human beings has been shaped by nature; in order to feed the communities had to hunt. Essentially, hunting as the main economic activity was violent and this influenced the behaviors of people.  Titus (2010) argued that, there were no sophisticated weapons during the Stone Age since people used crude weapon to kill animals. Importantly, this behavior required that one be violent in order to survive. However, life demanded that men should exercise restraint to violent and show discipline to avoid injuries. Man has exhibited this violent nature, and without government, life would have been horrible, rough and short. Justice has existed in rule with systematic means of protecting individual rights and lack of it is by hypothesis violence. Allen Rosen analyzed the Kant Theory of Justice to mean that there rather an oppressive government than no government at all. In other words, men need to prefer violent leadership because that is their nature.

Sigmund Freud and Konrad Lorenz lodged a consciousness belief that, naturally, men have a reservoir of aggressiveness (Rodriguez, 1999).  Notably, a force that builds up a need to be offset by competing inside people, lest, they explode to violence. Arguably, violent nature of human beings originates in external stimulation and not internal aggression. Notably, people become violent by watching or engaging in aggressive play. Mass media have played a crucial role in perpetuating violent views since they teach that violence is normative, and the world is a jungle. Silus (2012) stated that human history is dominant of tales of war and cruelty and we cannot escape this legacy of the ancestor. In war-like societies, the intellectual traditions have gained an audience since aggression is natural rather than nurtured.

Nixon (1994) asserted that, making violence inevitable has rationalized the belief that human need to be violent to realize their goals. People, who believe in violence are unlikely to participate in peaceful coexistence while the belief serves as an excuse for unwilling to be people. It is intricate to reconcile the theories of innate human aggressiveness since many people around us are peaceful. According to Heather Whipps (2006), many people have lumped up a wide range of sentiments and manners under the tag of violence. For instance, cannibalism, a violent act, is a religious ritual and not an expression of hostility. Evidently, people do not have a choice in respect to aggression or violence and the destructive nature. For instance, the Uighur separatist in China believes that their religion repressions justify their violent nature.

In conclusion, people do not have assume and accept violence since it is equally courting extinction. Notably, it is scientifically incorrect to say that violence tendency is inherited and it is biologically possible and not inevitable evidenced with variation in nature over time (Gilligan, 2009). Moreover, biology does not condemn violence, but human beings can liberate themselves from the oppression of biological pessimism. Simply, violence neither is in the genes of human beings nor in the evolutionary legacy and the same people, who made-up war is skilled to invent peace. 


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