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Briefly describe the fundamental aspects to becoming a professional educator

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Teaching can be an excellent choice of career because there are many disciplines to choose from and the choice is dependent on one’s interest and area of specialization.  A professional educator has the most demanding career because it requires mastery of the subject matter, the ability to present the mastered subject, the proper skills to connect with students. The teacher needs to set aside an ample time to prepare lessons and evaluate students’ work.  Teaching is indeed a noble profession and fulfillment of the aforementioned teaching aspects enables one to effectively serve the role of a professional educator, and thus to become a beneficial member to the entire society.

Clearly explain five characteristics of effective teachers

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For an individual to be an effective teacher, he or she should possess certain characteristics to carry out stipulated duties. An effective teacher should have a passion in the specific subject handled, because lack of passion makes it impossible to deliver exceptional or excellent services. On the other hand, effective teachers should be creative by taking prepackaged materials and efficiently conveying it in a form easily deciphered by the students. An effective teacher should be flexible in his or her operations, which enables availability to student’s demands at the appropriate time. Integrity, on the other hand, is an important characteristic of an effective teacher, as he/she should offer different but relevant services that are not necessariily stipulated in the job description. Finally, yet very important, an effective teacher should connect well with each student because he/she is the representative  and medium of knowledge.

Analyze your own strengths in these areas

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As a professional educator in the guidance and counseling field, I will ensure that a proper rapport is maintained between students and teachers for better results. As a teacher, I will introduce and guide the enforcement of new disciplinary measures for students. Discipline plays a crucial role in shaping the character of students.  Without discipline, an individual is destined to fail   both academically and in life. Proper disciplinary measures in institutions ensure the smooth running of operations with a high probability of success.

Buy Teaching Profession essay paper online

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