Free «The Human Resource Function of a Retail Store» Essay Sample

The human resource of a business enterprise comprises an integral and key part in ensuring its success. The employees of a business interact one on one with customers, and therefore, form the image of the organization to the outside world. It is understood that an effective and committed group of employees will enhance a company’s success whereas the reverse can be disastrous (Price, 2011). Majority of the traditional stores are struggling to meet customers’ demands and maintain market command. These trade stores are diversifying and opening retail stores in various locations to satisfy customers who seek specialization and convenience. Although such efforts may seem effective, they are not sufficient to satisfy fully customer needs. Newly opened retail shops are accompanied by new inputs, mainly employees. The process of deploying new employees falls under the human resource manager docket.

A human resource manager’s roles may not be clearly defined, but it is evident that his work is not only to sign up salary slips at the end of the month. A HR manager needs to take care of the employees, as they form the backbone of the business. It is fundamental for the HR manager to hire people whom he is convinced are talented and have a vision for the organization (Price, 2011). Whereas positive attitude towards work may be imperative for the HR manager to consider, it is vital for him to hire people with critical academic qualifications. Once employees have been hired, it is the responsibility of the HR manager to ensure their performance is optimum through offering necessary training. It is paramount for the manager to ensure that he hires enough employees and does not overstaff. However, the number of staff should be sufficient to serve the retail outlet’s customers efficiently.

In addition, it is the duty of a human resource manager to look into the welfare of his staff. It is worth to provide staff with conducive, working conditions because this will be directly reciprocated in work output. Because employees in retail shops might work for long hours, the HR manager should motivate them by providing amenities, such as recreational facilities (Mathis & Jackson, 2011). Employees who portray exemplary performance should always be rewarded. This serves to improve their morale.

A human resource manager will find a strategy vital in administering his duties. A HR management strategy of a retail store would revolve around setting goals for every employee. Mechanisms are then put in place to ensure all the employees meet these goals. First, favorable conditions of work and attractive package will attract people seeking employment opportunities. Once they are employed, they should be informed of the goals they need to achieve in the course of their duties (Mathis & Jackson, 2011). While the employees were hired based on their skills and experience, it is fundamental for the HR management to assess their performance. Any loopholes identified in their performance, necessitates training. During training, employees are equipped with skills required for their optimum performance. Moreover, the employees’ performance will be assessed for a second time to ascertain application of the acquired skills. This is followed by rewarding the employees according to their performance. Such a strategy will be efficient for a retail store, since all employees will seek to perform optimally in order to be rewarded.

The human resource functions can be improved through a variety of methods. It is paramount to encourage teamwork amongst staff because this would lead to high performance. Intensive training will be vital in ensuring optimum performance. The HR management should organize workshops and seminars to train employees. The employees will have knowledge of what they are meant to do, and this will be reflected on the results. In a retail store, there is a likelihood of employees working beyond set working hours. Therefore, it is essential for HR management to pay workers who extend their time to work overtime (Krafft & Mantrala, 2010). A system of rewarding employees with exemplary performance should be put in place. This is in an effort to improve employees’ motivation, which has a direct positive influence on performance. Last, it is vital for HR management to provide pay, which is commensurate to amount of work.

Strategic planning and organization of staff, activities, and management of resource is vital to an organization’s success. An organizational structure will vary according to the size and needs of a retail store (Krafft & Mantrala, 2010). An organizational structure should enhance efficiency of operations and ensure profitability. It is imperative to set clearly the duties and responsibilities of each person in the retail store. Every individual should know whom to report to and who the decision makers are. It is recommended that the retail store prepare a graphic presentation in form of a chart that should be hanged on the wall. By doing this, the organization helps employees to learn their duties immediately, and know to whom they are accountable and responsible (Krafft & Mantrala, 2010). The chart should indicate clearly the various divisions of the organization, their responsibilities, decision making responsibilities, as well as, advisory role, if any exist.


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