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Video gaming is one of the most popular methods of entertainment that is chosen over various forms of pastime by the younger generation in our society. Computer technology and audio visual media come together to produce a gaming experience that is almost unparalleled. This enables a gamer to escape into the virtual world created by a game. While the impact of videogames on society is a highly contentious issue with loud factions who hold that video games have an adverse effect, there is also a strong case to be made about the ways in which they are beneficial to developing brain and creativity as well as avoid the negativity that can come from gaming. Regardless, the fact remains that videogames have become a significant part of the growth and inhibition of several last generations. Thus, one can state that videogames are rather impactful.

Video games cannot be considered to be a medium to merely waste time. The profound impact that video gaming can have in our society must not be ignored. Video games have been identified to have an incredibly positive impact on the society. Games are a standard of entertainment and they cannot be inherently good or bad. Thus, every gamer has their own genre of gaming to enjoy, just as some people prefer horror films to comedies. Contrary to the media’s portrayal, there is a wide variety of games that can have a beneficial effect on mental functions and even improve vision and memory. According to Eric Klopfer, the Director at MIT’s Education Arcade, video games stimulate players to develop persistence in resolving challenging cruxes in their lives. Those who play video games do not like to play easy games in the majority of cases; they choose to try harder games that test their capabilities. Such an adaptive constantly increasing difficulty is very effective during learning (Anthes). With each accomplishment comes an increase in challenge until an overall task has been met. Gamers are dared to push their abilities and often find themselves providing greater results than they had imagined or expected..

In addition, there are games that require players to perform several mental tasks simultaneously. Games which are fast-paced and action-packed boost the sight keenness, dimensional perception and the ability to make quick decisions and notice objects. Working memory and reasoning skills can also be honed by playing games that are complex and strategy-based. Scientists are constantly discovering how flexible the human brain is, and they have found out that, by learning to perform a certain task and by practicing a particularly challenging task, the brain can be forced to master new skills. This is to say that videogames can warm up the mind up to being applied to other daily tasks. After playing games like Tetris, teenage girls became proficient at playing the game and also were able to work less at completing other game challenges (Anthes). There are studies that suggest that action video games speed up a person’s ability to process and use visual information (Markman).

It is true that playing computer games can have positive effects like making a person more computer literate and improving finger dexterity. However, there are video games that have explicit and violent content. These games can have a very adverse impact on the player. There are studies that show that long term exposure to video games with such content can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior among teenagers. However, this is an avoidable effect and one that comes with its own positive impact. First, parents need to be aware of their child’s gaming preferences. This includes paying attention to the content of the game, the style of the game, and the amount of time playing. Parents should make video gaming a socially interactive experience with their child. Most parents do not even know about the possible content of video games. As a result, teenagers who play violent games for a long period of time become more aggressive, get into altercations with their teachers, get into fights with their peers and do not perform well at school (Palo Alto Medical Foundation). The shooting incident at the Columbine High School is an example of how video gamers can take violence that they imbibed from games and apply it to real life (Wihbey). However, with proper supervision and with an adult including themselves into the gaming, this is a completely avoidable outcome. In the end, the child can introduce the parent to a world of technologically interactive playtime, and the parent helps the child avoid letting violent themes and suggestions “extend into real-life situations” (Gentile).

Video games are arguably the most popular form of entertainment for young adults. The ability to play games on hand-held devices has increased the popularity of such pastime. However, they can have rather profound impacts on the human psyche that are both positive and negative in nature. If to undertake such a recreational activity smartly, the benefits of video gaming outweigh the adverse effects. According to experts, video games can increase concentration and reasoning skills as well as assist in developing other skills and abilities. If there is a regulatory authority put in charge of controlling the content of video games, it will undeniably reduce the negative impacts of video gaming.


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