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The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) was established in 1947 and is based in Washington, DC. Its main objective is to enable the companies that offer aviation services to enhance their production capacities. The association offers a variety of products and services to the more than the 8,000 companies it represents. Some of the major resources available from the NBAA include, Safety Management Systems (SMS), which help the business aircraft operators effectively identify and manage risks, and the Flight Risk Awareness Tool (FRAT) that helps the operators easily understand the risks involved in flight operation. Other resources include the Runway Safety, Aircraft Icing, and different ways of handling hazardous materials (NBAA, 2011).

The NBAA membership is categorized into four different groups, which are expected to pay different amounts as subscription fee for their membership. These categories are affiliate, associate, business, and corporate. The affiliates are member organizations that operate aircrafts that are registered exclusively outside the US where the association is based. They are required to pay $535 annually. The associates’ membership fee depends on their gross annual income. For instance, those earning between $3 million to $20 million normally pay $635 annually. The Business and Corporate Members are supposed to pay a base annual fee of $175 plus other charges such as for piston aircraft as required by the association (NBAA, 2012a).

The NBAA offers very attractive benefits for the member companies, which enable the companies to enhance their productivity in the aviation business. Some of the major benefits given to the members include the improved representation as a result of the association’s role in the formation of the aviation policies, proper networking from the numerous conferences, courses, and forums conducted by the association, as well as easy access to aviation personnel. As a result of these benefits, membership with the NBAA is valuable given that it greatly assists the member companies (NBAA, 2012b).


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