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The data to be collected will be targeted at establishing the relationship that exists between consumer behavior and branding. It will seek to establish whether consumer behavior is really affected by branding. The branding and the response of the market to the branding will be tested. The questionnaire will also collect data on the response of the market to the introduction of a new product into the market. Basically, primary data is to be collected in this research since the data is being collected for the first time for the problem at hand. Stevens (2000, p.90) argues that primary sources of data are generally more accurate and complete.

The choice of the questionnaire technique is informed by several factors. Firstly, use of questionnaires involves low cost in money and time. In reference to Gilham (2000, p.6), it is possible to send as many questionnaires as they may be needed through mail with a lower cost relative to other methods such as traveling to conduct interviews. This is relevant to this study since the topic of consumer behavior and branding is very wide. Secondly, Questionnaires provides a method of getting information from many people with ease. Thirdly, respondents have the liberty to fill the questionnaires at their time of convenience and the analysis of closed questions is relatively straightforward. In addition, the data collected is credible since the respondents are kept anonymous and there is less pressure for immediate responses. Besides, questionnaires bring about avoidance of interviewer bias and possessing the advantage of uniformity of questions, it also provides suggestive data for testing hypothesis.

The first step in designing the questionnaire is deciding the type of questionnaire to be used; whether postal, telephone interview or face-to-face interview. The questionnaire should have a cover letter detailing what it is for and should also look attractive. In reference to Cormack (2000, p.302), what follows is the drafting of the questions that will be used to gather data, considering the amount of data that will be required to answer that research question. How the questions will be answered; whether open, closed, fixed choice or one of a variety of scales is also determined at this stage. In the case of the topic under investigation, open questions and one of a variety of scales will be used. It is also at this stage that the places where the questions will be asked whether in the streets or at home will be determined. For the consumer behavior and branding research, questionnaires will be filled by respondents in the streets as well as online to ensure efficiency, convenience and wider coverage. It is notable that respondents like shorter questions; that the bigger the sample, the more precise the results and that a topic relevant to the respondent and more practical to answer will attract a better response.

The questionnaire will be filled by respondents in the streets and also online. This survey method is appropriate since it is the perspective of the customers’ perspective on branding that is required, and both online and street methods are convenient. Online respondents will be called when the questionnaire is posted to them upon accepting to fill it. Respondents who will not adequately understand the questions will be aided to ensure the data collected is precise and credible. One of the factors that will determine the administering of the questionnaires is the size of the area or market under research. According to Stevens (2006, p.141), the considerations that affect this decision are the cost and time constraints placed on the research project. In addition, the information required and the nature of the sources of the data required will also influence the method of administering the questionnaires.


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